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Joe Bill
11-08-2023 5:09:34 AM CST
Does your community, district, city, state, nation have a christian lobbyist organization that you contribute too?

solo answers
11-08-2023 4:23:40 AM CST
Yes, this website is still active. Please excuse the absence.

09-30-2022 6:15:46 PM CST
Is this website still active?

Solo Answers
03-02-2022 5:34:46 AM CST
To Chez: To love someone creates a desire to please, enrich, protect, promote, and more. Life is the opportunity to serve and share the gospel of Christ in this world which is pleasing to the Lord.

01-21-2022 7:26:47 PM CST
If Heaven is paradise and great as the Bible describes why would anyone want to live on planet earth?

Solo Answers
12-28-2021 5:19:15 AM CST
To Jocko: Calvinism salvation belief is that of predestination (chosen few) whereas Lutheranism believes any one can attain salvation through faith. ... Calvinism stresses the absolute sovereignty of God whereas Lutheranism believes man has some control over certain aspects in his life.

12-21-2021 6:08:57 PM CST
What is the difference between Lutherans and Calvinists?

Solo Answers
12-09-2021 8:24:26 AM CST
To Katch: In my opinion - Man was made to manage, through Godly direction, 'all' the resources made available on planet Earth.

12-06-2021 3:20:43 AM CST
What is the purpose of human existence?

Solo Answers
11-30-2021 11:58:01 AM CST
The goal of many preachers is to "content the discontented, and to discontent the contented.

11-27-2021 9:16:29 PM CST
I often hear preachers making predictions and statements of universal well-being and enrichment that I can't find Biblical verification. Do they have access to some hidden knowledge we don't know about?

Solo Answers
11-02-2021 12:10:43 AM CST
To Peggy: There are ways to create childhood fantasies without lying to a child. A daddy can wear many different hats including a Santa hat. A mommy can be the unknown angel to a child.

10-28-2021 11:34:04 AM CST
Is it sinful to deceive children into believing in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and other childhood myths?

Solo Answers
09-16-2021 10:30:03 PM CST
To Bingo: Some things are beyond our human understanding.

09-07-2021 4:32:53 AM CST
As a result of one sin in the garden, all of humankind has been punished for all eternity. Where is the love in that?

Solo Answers
08-10-2021 2:18:56 AM CST
To Axel: I am not the judge. From my perspective, I did not see any variance clauses or exceptions to the ten commandments.

08-07-2021 1:28:49 AM CST
If a person kills another person by government/military order is he committing a sin/murder?

Solo Answers
07-11-2021 9:36:45 PM CST
To Eli: I am not a fan of merchandising on church property but I do understand it is sometimes necessary to keep the doors open. I don't judge the mortality of it, that is for the Lord.

07-09-2021 5:09:24 AM CST
Is it okay to mix commerce with church? Jesus ran the sellers out of the temple so what about the merchandisers of today?

Solo Answers
06-30-2021 3:05:19 AM CST
To Daisy Mae: The Lord allows us the ability of free will, free choice. The consequence of making the wrong choices are often harsh but necessary.

Daisy Mae
06-26-2021 5:20:38 PM CST
If God knows everything and never makes a mistake, why then did he cause the flood of Noah's day?

Solo Answers
06-25-2021 5:41:28 AM CST
To Viviana: Study the Bible, daily. Share what you learn often.

06-22-2021 3:17:22 PM CST
How do Christians deal with old and lonely?

Solo Answers
06-22-2021 4:26:15 AM CST
To Jazz: If you don't follow all the Lord's ways, you don't get all the Lord's blessings.

06-20-2021 2:43:32 AM CST
All those promises in the Bible aren't working for me, why?

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