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Missions and Charity:

A Billy Graham org. led by Franklin Graham

Be a part of something larger than yourself.

Every Church Should

A small church in Georgia invested a small amount of money and a large amount of faith and membership effort to make a Christian movie.  Not only did it impact the congregation of the church, it also impacted the community and surprisingly was picked up by a major producer and became a nationwide success.  Even if the movie had had only a small success commercially, it still was a great source for promoting unity and Christian values within the church and community.  Isn't that one of the goals of all churches?  You never know what God will do, until you try.

4Kids of South Florida really needs your help.

The residents and government of Florida have decided that orphan children are not as important as

other State needs like pensions, bleached sand, and other amenities.

So they cut-off their funding.

Just let the orphan kids tough-it-out.


Before we pass the offering basket, today

I would like to give you something to consider.

This is your opportunity to give something to the Lord

If he has been good to you, would you be good to him?  If he has been especially good to you this week perhaps you will want to give a little extra.  Those people who understand the principle of reaping what you sow, are the ones consistent  in their giving.  They have seen the harvest of giving to the Lord.  When you place your thanks to the Lord in the basket you are contributing to his work only.

The Thanks you give to God will be returned many times in thanks received from God.

 The paycheck you receive is a quantitative measurement of your skills.  

If you have no skills then it is understood that you can't give much,

however if the Lord has blessed you with a high level of skill

You should be very thankful.

I am; are you?

Charity begins at home.  I do believe God would have you to attend to your loved ones, First.  If all their needs have been met, well, we sure could use a helping hand-up.

Lord willing, and the creek don't rise; one day we will be able to help others by doing more and offering more.  Thanks to those who have supported us so far.  God blesses people like you.

Recently, a friend told me, she did not believe in charity to humans, only animals. "Humans can take care of themselves, animals can't", said she.  This startled me.

In my years on the earth, I've learned, first hand, the more charitable I am to others,

the more charitable life is to me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to help anyone who can not help themselves.

May the blessings of the Lord rain down on you, when you share a part of you to others.

I will pass this way, only once, therefore, if there be any good I can do, let me do it now.

For I shall not  pass this way again.


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