Solo Standings Ministries

Health Tips

Tough feet promotes long life.


Praying stimulates the production of oxytocin in the body.

That's a good thing.


If you have small children or are around small children,
learn about "Foot, Hand and Mouth" disease.
It is becoming epidemic and can kill.
Google it.

Learn about Dr. Max Gerson.
His diet has been curing cancers and other diseases
since 1930
This diet will heal the sick and make the healthy, healthier.

There is no need for biological warfare

while the West Nile virus is doing the job so well.

It may not kill you but it will take the work out of you with flu like symptoms.

Have you been feeling tired and ache lately?

Doctors have been using the "CMTD" desk reference for over 50 years

to tell you what's wrong with your health.


Recent studies have determined that

anti-depressants prescribed by the doctor,

not only take the bad voices out of your head,

they also take the good ones away.

They make a person incapable of Loving.


 Being a happy person can improve your health and extend your life.

A double "G" rated foxo gene equals long life, God willing.

People who live in sunnier climates are consistently happier than those who live in the Northern regions. The sun produces Vitamin D in the body which is a precursor for increases in serotonin in the brain. (


Recent research studies, suggest that the rate of speed a person walks is a good indicator of their general health and longevity.

So, put some pep in your step, if you want a stronger, longer journey on this earth. 


Fatigued, depression, lead butt - Find some up-tempo music, play it loud till you feel better.  Rock-on brothers and sisters.

Long life - Keep moving forward.

Healthy life - Follow the Bible diet, exercise the principles of the Bible, be productive

Mental Health - exercise the brain, memorize the Bible

Financial Health - Give till it hurts, then a little bit more.  Follow the financial advice found in the Bible.

Spiritual Health - Be the example.  Do the right thing.  Carry a pocket Bible with you 24/7.

Gratified Life - Be a finisher, not always the starter;  succeed at emulating Christ through self-discipline and prayer.

General Health - Smile. even if you don't feel like it.  Nothing can affect you unless you allow it.

 The Bible states there are certain people we should avoid if possible, or for the stronger Christians try to help.  The list is found 2Timothy3

Would you like to know yourself or someone else?  Complete the following sentence :  I am ______________ .  (25 times w/o duplication of answers)

The food you eat will determine your level of physical and mental energy.  Some foods will sustain life but not health.  Junk in, junk out.

The good food you eat is more powerful than any medicine the doctor can order.  Know what you are eating, read the label, do the research.

A quality diet will give you a quality life.  Don't compromise quality for quantity.   Always give thanks for what God has provided to you and yours.

Okay, do this, its important.  The next three people you see (it would probably be better if you know them) ask them to raise their hands, smile, then speak to you in complete sentences.  Then ask them to stick out their tongue at you.  Yes, they will think your nuts but they will never forget the moment, nor will you.  This is the test for determining if someone is having a stroke.  If the person has difficulity doing any of the STR s then you may need to call 911 or get them some help quick.  Be the nut that saves a life, do this exercise.

 The body is much like a gasoline engine.  It requires fuel (food), air (air), and spark (spirit).  The higher the quality of these three ingredients, the better the engine will run.