Solo Standings Ministries

Wounded Christians

She only lived for six years.
In those six years she showed my family what unconditional love is,
she showed what giving is when all you have to give is love,
in her suffering and pain she showed us how to be happy,
she taught us compassion for others.
Her brief moment on earth was not in vain for her memory has lasted
a lifetime.
As the Lord was taking her away, her last words were
"Momma, I help".

(in memory of my beloved little sister, Mary Virginia)

The reasons of the Lord are invisible to man. 

Not a single sparrow falls to earth without the approval of the Lord.


To Our Veterans:

The Spirit of the Lord through you brings peace for many.  Lord judge my wrongs,  by my causes.  When two evils are present, one must choose the lesser and sometimes we must kill to bring, a new life and a better day.  Your good deeds are your purist praise.

May the Lord bless the men and families of those who gave all they had, for our country, our way of life, our freedoms and our peoples.

Memorial Day is not just a day-off from work, and a picnic.  Be thankful.  I am.

Merry Christmas

My wish for you this Christmas season is that you may come to know,

The love, hope and joy of the newborn Christian's spirit and life

for all the days of your life..


The Fourth of July

I forget, -  how many thousands of men, women, and children,  died in battle,  so you and I could enjoy this day of freedom?

The queers of the world still resent it.

This nation has been crippled by them

Do something to help heal America, today.

Pray for America!


As you give thanks this extended family day of Thanksgiving,

The Thanks you give, will be returned many times, in thanks received

from the Lord.