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Websites You may enjoy   (Suggestions are welcome, just send us an email) - online learning opportunity  - a variety of videos much like you tube - what is a good death? - video worth watching - Christian values support group in Washington D.C. - family research council - put the Bible back in school legally - ACLA lobby - Some people think you can have it both ways. - Watch the best preachers in the country do what they do - Listen, radio style, to the best preachers in the country talking to you and talking to God. - Our gracious webhost and a fine provider should you want to have your own personal or business web presence. - For only $10 a month you can view hundreds of Christian and Family movies without interruption at your convenience - Read your Father's Guidebook to Life, The Bible, in several different ways. - the free online encyclopedia where you can learn, what you know, is called. (Christian terminology) - Campus or online university level learning. - for porn addicts looking for a cure.   Everybody has a dog in this fight. - a stand-up, hands-up ministry not soon forgotten - seems like a good site for additional resources and knowledge.  I haven't gone through the whole site yet. - free to use artwork for your personal outreach and enjoyment. - pastor to pastor website - For people who want the best hand-built, and the coolest fast cars in America.  They also do electric fast cars. - Keys to your secular life.  I've been a subscriber for over 30 years. - directory of colleges  -  This site might get you up on a soapbox. - Christian Motorcycle Association - The largest Christian Motorcycle Ministry in the World and growing. Established 1970's - for preachers, reachers, and teachers - for everybody - for more fun and humor - From Player to Preacher, Bob Coy is doing it. - For stock market investors - For Landlords and Rental Property investors