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In my girlfriend's final days
 she saw visions of Angels by her side and the arms of Jesus reaching out to her,
 according to what she told me.
 That is also what I would want most.



People must Congregate

For the church to have power people must congregate, then network. To restore the Christian values this country was founded upon the church must regain its position of prominence in society.  It is easy for the individual Christian to 'cast the cares' of responsibility and become so passive that all is lost. Attend and support your local church. What has more value to you another hour of sleep or worshiping the Lord in church, and action?


What monetary value would you place on your relationship with Christ?
Can you even begin to place a cash value on the relationship you have with Christ?
The day may be coming when you will have to make that decision.
Every day more and more of your religious freedoms are being repelled in the court rooms
of America.  What happens there affects you and your family.


Dysfunctional Famly


Dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional children. Dysfunctional children make dysfunctional citizens. Dysfunctional citizens make a dysfunctional society. A dysfunctional society makes a dysfunctional government. A dysfunctional government makes a dysfunctional nation.

If America is to recover from its overwhelming dysfunction, it has to start with the family. Rejecting the moral and self-disciplining principals of Scriptural faith will be the demise of America as we know it; the land of the free.



Did you ever stop to think that the person that wronged you,

most likely, was sick in the head?
Forgive them and move on.



Marx said, "Remove one freedom per generation and soon you will have no freedom and no one would have noticed." 
There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab, the professor noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt.
The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist regime. In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked: "Do you know how to catch wild pigs?" 
The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said that it was no joke. "You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free food". 
"When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence". "They get used to that and start to eat again. 
You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side". "The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again. You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd". 
"Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity." 
The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening in America . The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare entitlements, medicine, drugs, etc., while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time as the government forces us to participate in many of these programs whether or not we want to. 
One should always remember two truths: There is no such thing as a free lunch, and you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself. If you see that all of this wonderful government "help" is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America, you might want to share this with your friends. 
God help us all when the gate slams shut!

Quote for today: "The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those that vote for a living."

A friend shared this post with me. I do not know the name of the original author.



Has anything happened to you lately that made you feel like you were cheated, ripped-off, or taken advantage by someone? When you thought about it, did it made you angry, upset, or even revengeful?  If yes, here is something to consider that may calm your nerves.

If you are truly a spirit led Christian then believe me when I say God has got your back.  The things you have all belong to God; he placed them in your possession to be a steward over them.  So if you had something stolen, or were cheated out of something; the person who did it, did it to God, not you.  As long as you did the best you could in dealing with whatever the issue was; God will deal with the culprit in a very special way.  You need not worry about the loss or the justice of it.  I have seen his justice and personal restitution many times over in this life. For the sociopath that does these things life is a dark road; for as the Bible states "God will revenge your enemies" and " ill gotten gain is short lived". 

They may be slick and shiny in their dealings but,

"Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat."

"Trust in God and you will never be cheated."
"Be God's good steward and no one can ever steal or take advantage of you."



The Wrong kind of Help

When a friend or loved one is going through some tough times,
stressful times, hurting times, depressing times,
are you the one who wants to pick at it and dwell on with your friend
reminding them how terrible the situation is, or
do you offer a helping hand and try to relieve the burden
by some uplifting conversation or activity?
The stories of the Bible
can be very uplifting.
You should learn as many as possible.
Then you can really help your friends when in need.
There are many parallels in the Bible with life and people of today.


The New Church for Tomorrow

The church I grew up knowing seems to be fading away. The pews are fewer; the patrons are older; the children are gone; the funds are missing. So what can the churches do to keep from closing their doors?  Churches are going to have to offer something that cannot be had at home, Something that will attract the seniors as well as the children, and something to generate income.

These questions have been asked, researched and answered by some of the most robust Christians in the World.  One such family has done the footwork and put their money behind it to open the Kroc Centers across America which is managed by the Salvation Army.  On an International level there is a preacher who has a congregation of over a half million people in South Korea.  He must be doing something right.  So whether you lead a small or large crowd learn from the masters and innovators of the world to keep the faith going and growing. 


Who am I? Why am I here?

 I am a unified system of living components made up of energy cells producing an energy and spiritual force; and a part of a greater unified system of components all the way up to the Godhead of all existence. My function is to contribute to the continuation and advancement of my species and the systems in which I exist, in both physical and spiritual matters. In other words, I am a human part of nature in which God is the boss. I am suppose to contribute, protect, and serve to advance God's environment.
(Solo Standings)


World Development

What role will Christianity play in the continued development of the world?
How will it influence:
Health, education, welfare - Government, economic, Human rights - cultural, & environmental.

In poverty, people will do anything to survive!


It is not the size of the church that matters
as much as the membership's ability
to influence the world's hearts and minds.

Christianity has the better story.
It is a "soft power" that continues to change the world.
Pursue peace by telling the story.

About Sin

 Do you ever have a question whether something is a sin or not? Perhaps you can't find a reference in the Bible that addresses the issue. If the issue is brought up in discussion you get a lot of "I think..." or scriptures taken out of context are offered as an answer. May I suggest trying this approach.

Ask the question what would happen if every person born now and in the future were to consistently commit this issue.  What kind of world, what kind of life, what kind of spirit would the human race experience as a result?


What if every human born consistently committed murder?
What if every woman that got pregnant had an abortion?
What if every human born was homosexual?
The answer to these three questions is that it would be the end of the human race.

What if every human born was to consistently lie, cheat and steal to get the things they needed and wanted?
What if every human born was to turn their back on God?
What if every human born was to consistently commit the acts refuted in the 10 Commandments?
Again, it would be the end of the human race.

Perhaps not all issues would cause the end of the human race but if something would have a negative impact if everyone did it then it would be a sin against God's creation.

Do you get the idea?

"If it's not good for all, it's not good for one".

God or Government, Who do you love more?

If the government passed a law that said you could not take your loved one out of the house,
(your child, your husband, your wife, your mother or father or other)
that you could not speak of your loved one in public,
that you could not wear any reminders of your loved one in public places
that you could not allow other people a moment to remember their loved ones at public events

Would you then defy the Government,
rise up against the handful of people who made such a law?

Would you take the bullet of death for your loved one?
Would you go to jail for your loved one?
Would you spend your money for your loved one?

(your child, your husband, your wife, your mother or father or other)

If you call yourself a Christian, why then would you not do that en-mass for your
Saviour and Lord.?

People have given their lives, died in the street and fought on every front for centuries for Christ's sake.  The American government apparently is now stronger than the will of the remaining Christians in America.  The prediction is that Christianity is becoming extinct, and like the Shakers, will soon only be a memory to be revisited when future generations visit the church museums. 

You say you love Christ,

Prove it!


Why is thorium cheaper than salt but more valuable than gold?


Business Wisdom

Experience teaches that in business sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but the wise businessman always seeks the win, win situation. 

He learns that it doesn't pay to be over sensitive and it is best to just let somethings slide.

He that loses his temper is usually the loser.

He learns all men have burnt toast for breakfast occasionally and doesn't take the other fellow's grouch too seriously.

He learns with a chip on his shoulder it is easy to get into a fight.

He learns the quickest way to become unpopular is to spread gossip and tales about others.

He learns it really doesn't matter who gets the credit as long as the business shows a profit.

He learns that dodging responsibility never pays.

He learns that dirty dealing will end up costing him more than he would want to pay.

You don't leave God at Church Sunday morning; he is going to follow you to work on Monday.

The End of the American Dream

I want it, and I want it now,

I don't want to risk my life for it like my great grandparents,

I don't want to learn a skill and work for 20 years to save up for it, like my grandparents.

I don't want to charge it like my parents.

I don't even want someone to give it to me.

I'm entitled, the government owes it to me, just because I exist.

And that my friends is how America died.


"The child is bound up in Foolish ways."

This statement from the Bible has a lesson I never thought of

until I heard Dr.Chuck Betters speak on it.

How many parents let fools (their children) control their lives?


A child says "don't you trust me", uh, NO.


Not My Last Day

I've heard many people say to live today as if it were my last day. 

I don't think so, for


If this was my last day I probably would not pay that electric bill, go to work, wash the dog or fix the roof.

If this was truly my last day I would probably do something totally irrational like giving all my stuff away,

going to the beach, drive my car as fast as it would go, spend way to much time on the phone calling old friends.

But this is not my last day and life goes on even after the thrill is gone.

So I'll continue to pray to my Lord, prepare for tomorrow, and hope for the best.

So what are you going to do today?


Failure is a result, not a cause.

If you keep your concentrated faith and focus on future goals,

your fears and failures will fade away.

(Solo Standings, 2012)


Parent Questions

What kind of parent is that will buy cigarettes and whiskey before putting food on the table for their children?

What kind of parent is it that will pay the cable TV bill before putting any money away for the future needs and education of their children?

What kind of parent is that will not work harder and do more, than their parents, so their children will not live a life as miserable as theirs, or worse?

What kind of parent is it that will not teach their children the spiritual values of the Bible leaving their children morally bankrupt?

What kind of society is it that will destroy the environment, the economy, and the lives of future generations  for their own excessive personal pleasure?

Do you think the government or the doctor's drugs will fix it?




Second Thoughts

Have you ever made a commitment then later had second thoughts?  So you don't fulfill the commitment you made. That is when the first thoughts of truth become lasting lies. How many people have lied to God by saying they accept Christ as their Saviour then have second thoughts and go on to live a life guided by Satan rather than God.  Are those people really saved?


Your best Friend

If your television or Internet is your closest friend, I hope you can find enough diverse Christian programing to keep you ...

Is it all a Lie?

From the time a child is born, they are inundated with lies.  So much so that to tell a lie is almost expected in this day and time.  Has it always been this way; I think not.  Parents, authorities, books, videos, audio resources often misrepresent the truth to the child. So is it any wonder the child has doubts about the the truth of the Bible and the Church.   How can the doubting child be convinced that the Bible is one source that can be completely trusted as truth? 


The more we damage their dollar position, the closer we are to victory.

(communist manifesto)


To deal in Heroin is against the law; to deal in Nicotine is not.

Tell me again about the wisdom of the U.S. government.

The money idolizer.


People ask why did God allow this or that to happen and Preachers respond saying no one knows.

Well, here's a thought.

There is one and only one reason God intervenes in the life of his people.

Knowing that answer changes the question from why to how.

How is that event going to effect God's mission for his people?

It's really quite simple if you think about it.

Would you agree, that God's only desire, goal, cause, ambition, interest, mission, pursuit, care, direction and will is

for you to be redeemed from your sins that you may live in his grace for eternity

as he intended from the time of creation?

If that is true then would it only be reasonable that everything that happens under his watch would be to that end?

What we often don't understand is how the disasters we experience will facilitate our redemption.

Well, it doesn't for everyone but it sure does get you off the fence.


"How to destroy a Country in 100 years or Less"

Take control of the television and entertainment industry, then broadcast and promote the most immoral and self destructing material possible.  The little children that watch this garbage over and over will soon accept it and live it when they grow up.  The communist stated many years ago they were going to take over America without ever firing a shot.  Seems like they are doing a good job.


"The Gospel of St. Thomas" (1945)

Is it real or is it memorex?


World War III

Depending on your perspective, it could be said that WW3 is underway and you didn't even know it.  To better understand, I would suggest closely watching the Documentary " Islam: What the West Needs to Know" directed by Bryan Daly and Gregory Davis (2006). 


Filter everything you see, hear or read by knowing, 

 it's only one person's story. You don't have to believe the first story you see, hear, or read. 

  Just because they believe something is true doesn't make it so.

The Lord's word has been proved by more than one.


  Contrary to what you may have been told, or believe

When God's Holy Spirit resides in you, it does not

mean that you are God.

God is God, you are only the vessel.

The next time you start thinking you are God go to the sea shore and look out across the ocean and think about it.


Big Church, Big Picture


by Solo Standings

       One world religion is a topic of great controversy among the many different religious leaders. Each thinks their approach to God is the right way and if there is going to be only one mainstream religion it should be theirs. The concept may be problematic for many, but if the goal is to unite one God among all peoples worldwide the benefits could outweigh the issues. If the big church down the street feels cold in spirit when you visit, what would it be like to have a one world religion? This line of thinking about a big church may seem a direct contrast to the Cool Christians promotion of home or simple churches, but not really.

       The objective of the Cool Christians Club is to let people know God's good spirit is available to people of all walks of life. Even the counter culture part of society can have the benefits of faith if they want it. While counter culture type folks usually move in small social clicks, when an event of common interest happens they can come together as a force or voice to be considered. A good example would be the Woodstock concert of the 70's, where a half million people came together to celebrate the freedom of their artistic lifestyle, however diversely defined. The efforts of Martin Luther King also rallied small groups of individuals into a collective voice within this nation. Both events affected social change not only on local soil but world wide. The splinter groups that make up the Cool Christians organization, together with other Christians can have the same ability to cause political and social change. The larger the group the more impact it will have.

       Being a new Christian and walking into the sanctuary of a 20,000 seat church service doesn't give the first impression of a warm and intimate family of believers. The thought of a one world religion or church may sound even colder. However, just like in school, once you choose the class and social group that attracts you, the numbers don't seem to matter, and the sense of belonging starts to grow. In addition to the social interaction, the influence of your group can impact an audience or society to at least, hear your perspectives and agendas. Policy and law makers most often listen according to the size of the voice. So while the intimacy of a simple church is good and desirable , the impact of the larger collective voice offers Christians the platform to communicate and legislate God's principles to a larger population.

       By defining church as the worldwide community of believers, and not dwelling on the various approaches, may make the idea of a one world religion more plausible. The political impact could be daunting to any challengers of the faith. If the common prayer among Christians for all peoples of the world to accept Christ as the Lord over their life was realized, wouldn't that be the same as a one world religion? The current warlords and money changers would have a hard time imposing and maintaining their strangle hold domination over the world like they are doing now. The puppet show would be over. So join a church big or small, and contribute whatever you can, to make this world a better place to live.


Preacher, Preacher, What did you say?

As I sat in the small church full of senior aged patrons, the young preacher hammered away at the prospect of TV evangelists having any value or sincere motive in serving the will of God.  He made comments such as "All they want is to sell their products, or to get in your billfold.  Don't be mislead by their misleading presentations".   This was my first time to this church and this sermon was striking a nerve within me.  No, I didn't interrupt the pastor but sat quietly as he raved on.  My elderly friends had invited me to attend this church with them to hear this dynamic word of God from their dedicated leader.  After the service was over the pastor made his way over to meet and greet the new face in the crowd.  That would be me.  He didn't know it yet, but he wasn't going to like what I was about to say.

After the introductions, he asked me what I thought of his sermon.  Big mistake!!!  I immediately got on my soap box to offer conjecture to his message.  "Any Christian teacher or program that can get the drunk to raise his head off the Kitchen table and ask, what did that guy just say; sounds like a good thing to me.  What about the ambulatory people who can't come and sit in one of your pews?  Is it wrong to want to be taught about God everyday and not just on Sundays? Yes, I agree there are those who are wolves in sheep's clothing, but God even uses the ungodly for his purpose, and if they sin in the process don't you believe they will reap the wrath of their sin?"  Yes, my comments may have been unkind but as I see it, no matter how, who, where or when anyone can get someone to revisit their commitment to Christ or to introduce an unchurched person to consider a new path of faith in Christ can't be all bad.  The preacher had to interrupt me because he needed to visit some of the other members. 

I don't remember the preacher's name, but I do remember the message, not his, but the one that grew within me. 

Sometimes people can teach us how we don't want to be.

At least this preacher was not screaming and banging on the pulpit like some 'turn or burn' sermon jockeys, I've walked out on.


April 2010

Is Jesus real, or not?


For over 2000 years, mankind has questioned whether God, Jesus and the many other spiritual deities that people worship, follow, and attempt to emulate is real and today the question is still being asked. Some of the brightest minds that have ever lived challenged the Christian faith, but for the most part in the course of their research and experience delving into the truth of a spiritual life, they became stronger, longer Christians than most of the people who never doubted. If people like Einstein and other acknowledged geniuses believed in or converted to Christianity after studying it, who am I to doubt it. There are still some questions that should be answered.

The first question would be concerning the definitions of certain terms, such as, defining “life”or “forgiveness” or “heaven” or “soul”, and few other words whose meanings could have multiple definitions. For over 400 years wordsmiths have been debating the proper definition of life. When does it begin, and when does it end? Is heaven a place in outer space? Is hell a geographic location outside of Jerusalem, or some other ineffable location? Do people have a soul that lives eternally? If yes, where, how, and in what form? It is easy to challenge things that can't be seen like the concept of love, spirit, eternal life, and God. A famous newsman, Walter Cronkite defined heaven and hell as nothing more than the memory one human leaves in the minds of the people encountered during a lifetime. If that's all there is, then let's keep on dancing.


The definition for many words can only be determined by knowing the context in which it is being used. Life is one of those words. Life can be defined in physical terms which has to do with breathing, eating, and pooping, or it can be defined from a conceptual perspective; you give life to an idea or thought. Your parents tell you there is no Santa Claus but that is not completely true. Your friends tell you there is no Jesus, and that's not true either.  They both live, to those who give them life in their heart, mind, and soul. Every time you experience the desire to purchase someone a Christmas gift, you are acting in the spirit of Santa Claus or giving him life. The man who lived and became known as Santa died many years ago but his spirit lives on, in the minds and hearts of anyone who experiences the Christmas spirit of giving to one another. I am not saying that Santa and Christ are the same in deity but are similar by conceptual definition. For someone to say there is no God is ludicrous because it can not be denied that he and his spirit are alive and well in the lives of millions of people. The people that don't believe in God, may deny him in their life, but it doesn't mean he doesn't exist; they just don't acknowledge him and are missing out on the advantages of the power his spirit offers.


Through the belief in God, humans have done things that they otherwise could not or would not even consider. Through the belief in God, people have endured overwhelming hardships, injustices, and many other maladies that would send a nonbeliever to the funny farm or grave. On the other side of the coin, the blessings and wisdom of God serve to make life better for anyone who has the faith and follows God's guide book to life, the Bible. Divine inspiration comes to those who seek it. God comes to those who seek him. Jesus, through the Holy Spirit is alive, and lives in the minds of everyone who believes. Okay, so what is this eternal life thing?


Heavenly eternal life is not promised to everyone but rather to everyone who is born again into the spirit of Jesus and God. Few people doubt that Jesus ever lived; the doubt is whether he was the son of God and if the messages about him in the Bible are true. Here's a thought, the Bible states that we must surrender our own perspectives, thoughts, life, and existence, and try to live, think, act and emulate Jesus. We must be reborn into the spirit of Christ to have eternal life in heaven. Those who are not reborn still have an eternal life, its just not in the same place. By surrendering my core existence and becoming like Jesus in thought, act and spirit then my life becomes eternal by association. The spirit of Christ has lived in the minds and hearts of people for thousands of years and presumably will live for eternity, therefore if I have died to self and received the mind and spirit of Jesus we are as one. God determines what abilities, blessings, and consequences occur in me and through me. As long as people give life to Jesus, they give eternal life to those who received and lived by his spirit, actions, and words.

Is Jesus, real, yes, is God real, yes, is there an eternal life, yes. For the evolutionist consider that the Bible says God created the heavens and the earth. He didn't say what process he used. If he created it by smashing atoms together or if I was a fish in the sea before I learned to walk upright and was called a man, okay, if that's the way God did it, cool. (Personally, I don't believe there is enough convincing evidence to support such wild assumptions.) What should be of concern, is the future of Christianity.

Our current President of the United States recently rescinded the nationally recognized day of prayer claiming he did not want to offend anyone, but then had a day of Muslim worship in the capital with over fifty thousand Muslims in attendance. It appears more and more people are trying to replace Christianity as the main stream religion, with Muslim beliefs or other alternatives. The name we use to identify God really doesn't matter. What does matter is the approach we use to know him. Even if the intent is pure, if the method is lousy, we will suffer more, be blessed less and probably end up in Hell. So keep the faith, and be stronger, longer. Any questions?



March 2010

America, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

     Yesterday, what were the American founders thinking when they included God in the founding documents, policies, and social responsibilities of the new nation of America?

Delving into the inter thoughts of any person of interest, at best, only reveals what the individual exposes through words and behavior.  Anyone claiming to know more than that is attempting to play God.  With that said, it should be clear that my opinions and interpretations of the limited knowledge available could be a total farce.  You decide.

A couple of hundred years ago, some folks got fed up with the Power Brokers getting their cookies by dominating and taking advantage of the general population.  The politicians  wanted to impose their values, perspectives, behaviors, and beliefs to  overcome their own insecurities and flex their egos.  It was the unreasonable, nonconformist, that wanted to change the destiny of life from enslavement to freedom of belief and personal will. Pretentious conceit only serves the individual, offering no reward to the masses. America's forefathers wanted both.  Yes, they wanted power, prestige, and pearls of wealth but they also believed all peoples wanted the same thing and should have an equal opportunity at achieving similar rewards. So, how do you govern a society without brute force, without repressing free will, without limitations, and without conflict?  Impossible, not really.

The core belief of all legitimate religions, in simple terms, is that through faith in an omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God, all of mankind  can and will have a better life, a happier life, a rewarding life and a inter-peaceful life.  A second thought is that God rewards good and punishes evil on a personal level as well as a societal principal.  In other words, if a person is self governed by faith to do the right thing, to have integrity, and follow the precepts of their belief, life will be better. If the rulers of the society support this mindset, life will be even more better.  Conversely, life and society without faith will live in chaos unless ruled by an iron fist.

The bottom line is a society made up of true faith followers will self govern themselves to do the right thing.  If all the people are striving to live morally, governing will be much easier and more about managing, rather than ruling over someone with threats of violence.  This may have been the ideals of  "one nation, under God".

         Today, that concept is being swept away by ungodly teaching, corrupt public tribunals, and political ignorance.  Instead of seeing the principles of God as a helpful guide to life people of little or no self discipline view faith as limiting, controlling, and undesirable.  These are dangerous people for they can cause chaos, and the ruin of a nation.  This is the unfortunate but apparent course of so many countries today including America.  Will the next generation of America's children live in fear and bondage as a result of the geocentric attitude of todays leaders?

     Tomorrow may never come the way we would want it to be for our children and future generations unless something is done to convince the inhabitants of this earth, Machiavellian wealth does not lead to happiness now or for the future.  If today's people will preach, teach and spread the word of God to all the nations, this world will be an awesome place for our loved future families.  Will you live the example, of a Godly life, for the betterment of your own life and that of generations to come?  One of God's laws that has never been broken is the one that states, "you will reap, what you sow".  Believer or not, that law applies to everyone just like the law of gravity.  Keep the faith and have a good life, finish well.