Solo Standings Ministries

Established January 2010

Not associated with any other clubs of a similar name.

The author of this website is but a mere man whose name is writ in water. 


Welcome to the Cool Christians Club website.  We invite you to become a member and share your spiritual dedication with others from all around the world.  We are a non-profit organization serving new and seasoned Christians world-wide.  We are non-denominational and have no doctrine except what can be found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. You can still be cool, and share your faith with others, even if your not a perfect Christian.  We'll show you how, or maybe you can show us.


This club is not for everyone.  We believe anyone can receive Salvation from sin and Hell through genuine faith in the power of God, through Christ in prayer, and submission to the principles of the Bible.  We do not add anything or take anything away from God's word.  How you interpret his word is between you and God.  We will endeavor to offer an opportunity for your growth of knowledge and understanding through friendly open discussion on this website.  You are encouraged to ask questions and/or provide answers in our Q&A forum page.  Have you ever heard of a House Church or Simple Church? Search for  simple church  at to learn more about it.  This is an on-line version of a simple or house or organic or whatever you want to call it, church, group, or club.

"I'm walking down this road of life doing the best I can to enjoy it.  If there is someone that would like to walk with me for awhile or longer, welcome.   If you ever want to take a left turn, I'll appreciate the good times we shared.   Happiness is only experienced when shared with someone."   Have a good life.   Really.   Solo Standings (SS)



If you have enjoyed your visit to our website there are three questions that we would appreciate if you would answer in an email to us.

1.Why do you enjoy this website?  If you will tell us what we're doing right we will try to do more of it.  By discovering patterns we can determine what is best for the big picture.

2.What else would you like to see us do?  If you will tell us what you want we will do our best to create a win/win relationship.

3.Who should you tell about us?  If we have made a difference for  you in any good way, then your better off than before, and perhaps you know someone else that could benefit.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  God Blesses People Like You.



Have you prayed for God's Holy Spirit to come into your life?  All it takes is a simple little prayer like this:

Lord, forgive me of my past.  I want to be saved from my sins and ask you to give me your holy spirit, as you promised in your word. I will put you first before all mankind, all the days of my life. Help me, and use me, to serve your purpose, until we meet in eternity. Amen

 Take Care my Friend in Christ, and finish well.



 It is our goal to become a noteworthy member of the media ministry but you the reader will determine if God gets a handsome reward or a noble purpose through our ministry.  Please help if you can.  Words are just as encouraging as donations.  Let us here from you.  Thanks