Solo Standings Ministries

Favorite Book Titles Submitted


"The Black Science" by Dr. Haha Lung - This could be a dangerous book in the wrong hands. Read it for protection against mind control freaks.

"Sparkling Gems from the Greek" by Rick Renner explanations of Bible verse from the Greek interpretations.

Oswald Chambers’ devotional My Utmost for His Highest

"Heart of the Problem" Henry Brandt and Kerry L. Skinner (workbook and teaching guide available)

"Adrianisms"  Volumes 1 & 2  by Adrian Rogers  available at   ISBN:  0-9702099-3-2 & ...-4-0

"Battlefield of the Mind"  by Joyce Meyer available at

"The Art of Happiness" by the Dalia Lama

"Who Switched OFF My Brain"  by Dr. Caroline Leaf   (This book could threaten the American Legal Practice of psychological assault by attorneys and others.  I hope it does.)

 "Poor Richards Almanac" by Ben Franklin  (One of the best 'coffee table' books I've seen)


Do you have a shirt pocket Bible? If you will carry a Bible with you everywhere you go, it will change your life for the better.  Anyone who does not have a pocket Bible and can not afford or acquire one, please send me your name and mailing address and I will personally make sure you receive one at no cost.  If I send you one, will you read it and carry it with you always? Please say, yes.  Thanks to God, I can now do this for you.