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04-13-2014 12:21:37 PM CST
To Baines: Don't underestimate the power of the Lord and his people. A man will live and die, but the spirit of the Lord endures forever. The machine you speak of is not invincible over the Lord. It may be that our government is being quietly overthrown through the monetary and legislative manipulations of a small group of people, but I don't believe they have the power to overthrow the power of the Lord or his justice.

04-11-2014 12:55:56 AM CST
The machine we call our government is owned and operated by the power and wealth mongers of the world. The position is acquired by making any success dependent on their participation. A politician's campaign life blood comes from these sources. The machine is now moving downstream to the state, local and individual level for a grassroots control using the dependence model for success. It is implemented by creating such an economic depression that states and citizens alike will cave to normally unacceptable compromises in exchange for the financial relief benefit. The voluntary revocation of personal freedoms and independence includes the demise of our Bill of Rights, including but not limited to, the freedom of religion. How does the church respond to such a powerful force?

Solo Answers
04-05-2014 1:35:57 PM CST
All persons of a reprobate mind will find a hell to live in no matter what they do. God has, and will always exist regardless if man acknowledges him or not. If there is more than one way for salvation, I'm not aware of it.

04-01-2014 3:42:18 AM CST
Christ died over 2000 years ago and to this day there are still people who have never heard of him. Are the millions of people who have lived on this earth and never heard of Christ all going to hell or in hell because they were not saved? Would God still exist even if there were no scriptures to go by? Is salvation possible without knowing of Christ?

Solo Answers
03-05-2014 3:40:39 PM CST
To Crank: I'm so glad my life is almost over. There doesn't seem to be much value left in honesty, integrity, fair dealings, moral leadership and Biblical wisdom among the people of the world today. The Bible states it will better if those people had never been born. My sympathies go out to the children being birthed at this time.

03-05-2014 6:15:31 AM CST
There are many fraud, unfaithful, and biased preachers standing in pulpits, what does the Bible say about those people?

Solo Answers
03-03-2014 6:54:30 AM CST
To Gizmo: Being a friend to your child is much easier, less stressful, and less time consuming than being a parent. As a parent you must teach your child discipline, social skills, morals, civilized behaviors, respect and so much more. Of course, if you don't have those skills yourself then it makes it even more difficult to teach them and being just a friend is an easy cop out. The Lord teaches, expects, and requires a disciplined, and civilized life for those who want to live a happy and blessed life. You are the one who makes the choice for your child's future. Don't expect that someone else will teach him to be civilized; your behavior is the child's copybook.

03-02-2014 5:37:44 AM CST
What does a kid need more, another friend or a parent?

Solo Answers
02-26-2014 4:14:21 AM CST
To Cleats: You can have depression or you can have faith but, you can't have both. The Lord came that you may enjoy this life. If you are depressed you have given yourself over to Satan's delight. Draw yourself closer to the Lord and trust in his ways. If you will focus your faith on future goals your fears and failures will fade away.

02-25-2014 6:23:33 AM CST
What is the best approach for helping someone who is experiencing chronic depression?

Solo Answers
02-20-2014 2:14:58 AM CST
To Sky: I will not judge a person because they sin differently than me, nor should you. Personally, I choose not to associate with people who boast about their sins or have no remorse for them.

02-19-2014 6:36:58 AM CST
With all the hype going around about it being cool to be a homosexual; the question is can a person have a sexual perversion and still be a Chrisitan?

Solo Answers
02-06-2014 5:45:17 AM CST
To Skates: God placed a conscious in every human and in that conscious a desire to worship something larger than ourselves. Before the Bible people worship all sort of mythical Gods. The one common thread being a personal saviour and ruler over the human life. God brought Jesus to life to show us the right way, the only way, to reach the one and only God in Heaven, for now and for eternity. People all over the world believe this with or without a Bible in hand.

02-02-2014 8:21:13 AM CST
Is your faith based totally on the Bible or is there something more to it, such as a personal relationship or passion; something internal that motivates you to worship God? What if there was no Bible would you still believe, have faith?

Solo Answers
02-02-2014 4:06:39 AM CST
To Marbles: Okay just stop right now and think about it. The very first chapter of the Bible says in the Beginning God created ...The Bible is a book set of wisdom that will help you through life and all it's complexities. In its wisdom nations have prospered and in its rejection, nations have crumbled.

01-31-2014 6:02:05 AM CST
I want to believe everything I read in the Bible, but my mind just can't seem accept some of the stories as factual. Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
01-29-2014 2:53:52 AM CST
To Click: His motives were pure, but his methods were lousy (sinful).

01-28-2014 2:01:57 PM CST
Is Robin Hood a good guy or a bad guy?

Solo Answers
01-26-2014 4:56:26 AM CST
To Shotgun: Sure he will. To repent means to change your ways. As long as your trying to do better the Lord will work with you and help you overcome the sin issue you are working on.

01-25-2014 8:22:09 AM CST
I have a sin that I can't seem to shake. I repent with all sincerity, but then I do it again. The frequency is getting less but will God forgive me over and over for a habitual sin?

Solo Answers
01-23-2014 12:25:11 AM CST
To Beets: If you will live your life emulating Christ to your best ability, when your life on earth is finished, this will be a better place for your having been here. I pray you will take these words to heart and share them generously.

01-22-2014 8:05:55 AM CST
I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do. Can you tell me?

Solo Answers
01-20-2014 7:39:40 AM CST
To Chess: In this life you are going to encounter all types of people who use dishonest and unscrupulous ways of doing business. Most of them use the confidence man approach; telling you what you want to hear and even providing you with some small gratuitous services to gain your confidence in them. When you accept them into your trust, and they learn your vulnerabilities that is when they will strike you for all they can take from you. It is not possible to always avoid these shyster types, and don't expect that you can have any long term trusting relationship with them. One common tactic they use is to make everything happen so fast and without any records that you can't keep up with what is going on, or they will bury you in non-sensical paperwork. Attorneys and Insurance companies are infamous for this. I suggest you be as articulate as possible in your logs of every event or dealings; take photos and record conversations. Most of all do not let their unethical behavior influence your Christian principles. If they do cheat you; you will have peace in knowing that the Lord always serves justice to all like no human can.

01-18-2014 11:26:33 PM CST
i often find that people think that because I try to be kind to people and fair in my business dealings that they can use me as a doormat and take advantage of me. This irritates me, and it irritates them when I don't allow it; ending what could have been a nice relationship. How does the Christian man deal with the con-artist businessman?

Solo Answers
01-16-2014 4:45:15 PM CST
To T-Bone: Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

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