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07-06-2012 12:11:47 AM CST
What happens to old worn-out prostitutes?

07-03-2012 3:08:47 AM CST
Solo do you ever write Christian articles on

Solo Answers
06-30-2012 9:14:31 PM CST
To Chips: Well, I'm still above ground which beats the alternative. God may not love everything you do, but he will always love you. Every problem you ever have will only be temporary. Studying the CoolChristiansClub website will help you to have a stronger, longer journey through life. The more time you spend with God the more exciting the adventure through lfe becomes. Man, I could go on and on but you get the message, don't you?

06-30-2012 1:17:01 AM CST
Hey Solo, tell me something good.

Solo Answers
06-27-2012 5:20:16 AM CST
To Depo: Yes, I know what you mean. I have been seeking perfection all my life but somehow it keeps eluding me.

06-26-2012 4:08:08 AM CST
It is depressing to me that I can't seem to be as good a Christian as I want to be. Seems like no matter how hard I try, I still sometime say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing even when I know better.

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06-20-2012 8:06:13 PM CST
To 8Ball: I do stand before God, everyday, and I haved asked him way more than one question. Now, if I could just get him to give me a direct verbal answer; that would be really cool. The question: What can I do for you today, Lord?

06-19-2012 6:02:20 AM CST
If you could stand before God and ask him one question, what would it be?

Solo Answers
06-18-2012 7:55:55 PM CST
To Snap: Defending your life or the life of others is not murder. Wherever, and whatever the Lord leads you to do, have no fear and no guilt, otherwise object.

06-15-2012 4:25:31 AM CST
How do I justify murder? I'm going into the miltary.

Solo Answers
06-13-2012 11:25:23 PM CST
To Touchdown: Dude, that's what grace is all about.

06-11-2012 8:52:41 PM CST
I call myself a Christian and I try to live up to the name but every now and then, I get knocked down. What happens then? Am I still a Christian even when I don\\

Solo Answers
06-11-2012 1:03:01 AM CST
To Rafe: Recent studies indicate that there are now more women in the work force than men. With the abandonment of Christian principles and family values our government and hubris society has cheapened the quality of life for everyone except the power brokers, but as Christians we are not of this world, only visitors. Your Christian reward is coming.

06-07-2012 7:00:09 AM CST
If Adam had eaten the apple before Eve would men get to stay home and let the women go to work?

Solo Answers
06-02-2012 3:24:39 AM CST
To Cherry: Perhaps the things you want most are not in your best interest at this time. Entitlement, in my opinion, is a term the Socialist communists have perverted to destroy the American Christian work ethic and bring down the Free Enterprise economy. You can have most anything you want in this life, if you are willing to do what it takes to get it. If it's a good thing the Lord will help you.

05-30-2012 10:04:16 PM CST
God has blessed me in many ways but how-come he won't grant me the things I want most?

Solo Answers
05-22-2012 1:23:50 AM CST
To Wolfgang: To wait is to have hope. I would say having hope is far better than hopelessness. If there is a reward it will be far better than anything you could devise without waiting. When the Lord rewards you it's always more than you expected. Hang in there and be amazed.

05-20-2012 11:43:50 PM CST
Is the reward truely worth the wait?

Solo Answers
05-14-2012 10:26:44 PM CST
To Haywire: Behaviors change with the moments. Few people have a memory that recalls the blessings of the Lord all the time.

05-13-2012 1:37:54 AM CST
Why do so many say they are Christians but so few really are? (or should I say act like it)

Solo Answers
05-03-2012 11:43:18 PM CST
To Click: Earth could be considered the staging area for your eternity in Hell or the training ground for Heaven's angels. Your choice.

05-01-2012 11:25:52 PM CST
Is Earth the Hell the Bible describes? It sure seems to match the description.

Solo Answers
04-22-2012 11:14:03 PM CST
To Truck: Because I choose to.

04-18-2012 8:58:36 AM CST
Why do we need God? Why do you believe in God?

Solo Answers
04-18-2012 1:12:32 AM CST
To Gabby: It is not God that fades it is your dependence on him. In the thick we place our lives in his care. Afterwords we regain our self confidence and independence and his presence is not so important or so it seems. But the truth is we need his care and guidance to keep us from future troubles and to fully enjoy the walk though life in his spirit. Don't put God in the back seat; and enjoy the exciting adventures he has in store for you.

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