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12-02-2014 12:41:36 AM CST
Is forgiving and forgetting the same thing?

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11-30-2014 12:19:54 AM CST
To Chez: It would be a dull world if there was no contradiction. When we pray for blessings, we learn love. When we pray thanks, we learn grace. Contradiction is threshold to understanding.

11-29-2014 5:30:34 AM CST
If God is omniscient that would mean he knew what Adam and Eve were going to do before it happened. Meaning he condemned the human race from the beginning. Why should we pray for blessing or thanks if everything that happens is done under God's hand anyway? What will be will be.

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11-25-2014 8:02:32 AM CST
To Sadie: A life with Christ is better than a Heaven without you.

11-18-2014 9:50:13 PM CST
Which is better Heaven or Earth?

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11-12-2014 8:48:24 PM CST
To Bibs: Success is happiness and the reduction of suffering. Whoever is the happiest and has the least amount of suffering is the most successful. Success can last a moment or a lifetime.

11-11-2014 7:30:18 PM CST
How do you define success?

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11-09-2014 4:38:57 AM CST
To Click: The function of sleep is not sinful, however the reasons may be.

11-07-2014 3:58:46 AM CST
Can a person sin while they are sleeping?

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10-30-2014 2:28:33 PM CST
To Buster: If you have given yourself over to Satan and eternal Hell then why not drown yourself with mind altering chemicals. You will get to experience an abundance of Hell on Earth before reaching your final destination of eternal Hell. Yes, the Bible does mention it for people on that path. I just hope your not one of them.

10-30-2014 4:27:11 AM CST
I read in the Bible that it's okay to get drunk. Does that mean it's okay to do other stuff as well?

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10-27-2014 6:50:25 AM CST
To Bug-Eye: I enjoy them too.

10-23-2014 6:17:11 PM CST
I really enjoy watching surrealistic Christian movies where unlikely miracles happen. While realistically unbelievable, they still are spiritually uplifting. Is it wrong to enjoy movies with such remote possibilities?

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10-21-2014 12:41:42 AM CST
To Clam: I don't think it is for you to judge. If a crying preacher is bothersome to you then find another preacher you like better. There are some issues that need to be left to the person and the Lord to work out.

10-20-2014 8:01:25 PM CST
When a preacher uses a planned amorphous fake-cry in every sermon it, discredits his words more than enhances. Would you consider it manipulative speech?

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10-20-2014 7:30:38 AM CST
To Spoons: The best sermon, the best witness is lived more than spoken. A person who lives by the Scriptures is wise, and admired by others.

10-19-2014 1:37:47 AM CST
What is most effective way for me, to get people interested in a spiritual life with Christ? Having faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has made me powerful enough to be resilient in defeat, strong enough to be gentle, and open minded enough to be happy. How do you turn rejection into reception? share the blessings isn't that a part of the journey?

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10-17-2014 12:57:15 AM CST
To Clay: First if the person's anger results in physical violence, get to a safe place without words or notice, immediately. Hurt people, hurt people. When a child gets hurt they cry. When an adult gets hurt they often get angry instead of crying. The Scriptures teach that we should trust in the Lord, cast our cares to him, to be peaceful and composed. It is easy to allow displaced anger to upset you, but remember a person who is chronically angry is perhaps sick (bipolar)or just immature . For some people anger is a learned behavior for intimidating others into submission. In any case it takes two to have an argument don't be one of them. Just remain calm, and ask yourself what would Jesus do? Agree to disagree, but don't go to bed angry. If you will pray, Christ will provide the peace he promised to you.

10-16-2014 12:17:33 AM CST
How would you deal with a person that has severe anger management problems and often uses the Scriptures as a weapon?

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10-15-2014 11:43:23 PM CST
To Mum: From my understanding of the scriptures I would suggest that if a child is acting under the guidance (or by example) of a parent the burden is upon the parent. If the child is mentally capable to be accountable and acting outside the training of the parent, then the burden would be on the child.

10-13-2014 4:51:32 PM CST
Are children responsible for their sins or are the parents held accountable?

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10-13-2014 12:07:21 AM CST
To Jif: Taking ones own life is not the one and only unforgivable sin the Bible refers to. A sin is a sin but the consequences of the various sins do differ.

10-12-2014 9:09:16 AM CST
Among all the sins that people commit is suicide the one unforgivable sin that the Bible refers to?

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10-12-2014 9:03:31 AM CST
To Adel: Without a second thought.

10-05-2014 1:57:52 AM CST
Would you trade your life on earth for life in Heaven, today?

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