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03-10-2015 2:57:59 AM CST
To Stripes: According to Scripture the Lord will always serve righteousness. However, it is not always easy to see the greater good from God's perspective. There is the concept of 'right and more right'. Trust in the Lord and he will take care of you.

03-09-2015 5:34:45 PM CST
Does God 'always' defend the right?

Solo Answers
02-28-2015 5:20:43 AM CST
To Oily: Choose your friends like you would choose your books. Would you read and enjoy a homosexual book? Would you put a homosexual magazine on your coffee table or your desk at work? ...or a book about Satan or criminals, etc.? We should treat everyone we meet as someone who knows Christ or as someone who wants to know Christ.

02-14-2015 9:56:05 PM CST
Are we as Christians supposed to shun, disassociate, criticise, or ignore people who do not believe as we do, such as atheists, homosexuals, slackers, or others?

Solo Answers
02-14-2015 1:11:08 AM CST
To Lousa May: To say a person is a Sunday morning Christain is an oxymoron.

Lousa May
02-11-2015 9:57:45 PM CST
I believe the God of the Bible is interested in being the God of the people not just the pulpit.

Solo Answers
02-03-2015 3:16:30 AM CST
To Rosco: I would rather die today and go to heaven than to live to be a hundred and go to hell.

02-02-2015 2:17:16 AM CST
The Government is outlawing the very commission the Lord gave to all Christians and that is to spread the gospel throughout the world. Which is better to die for Christ or live for the Government?

Solo Answers
01-28-2015 6:34:41 AM CST
To Beaver: Sin is never acceptable, but it can be forgiven. However, the more sin is resisted the more you will be rewarded. In your example who is to say that you would not be provided food on the 4th or 5th day without sin.

01-25-2015 6:05:07 AM CST
Is sin for survival acceptable? If you haven't eaten in 3 days and you have the opportunity to steal some food is it still wrong?

Solo Answers
01-25-2015 5:42:54 AM CST
To Wompas: Focus on the word 'begotten' son. Believers are the adopted sons and daughters (Eph 1:5) Christ was his only begotten son.

01-21-2015 10:59:33 PM CST
One verse says I am the son of God another says Jesus is the Son of God; so what's the difference?

Solo Answers
01-13-2015 10:57:37 PM CST
To Brutass: If you have a friend it is because you show respect to that person. However, if you show disrespect towards that person there would be consequences. If your disrespect was done behind their back they may not find out about it and even if it was found out the consequence may be obscure. There is nothing you can do that the Lord doesn't know about, and he has the power to bring justice upon you for any disrespect and he will. The fear of the Lord is in knowing that you will reap what you sow and he will make sure of it.

01-12-2015 8:27:46 PM CST
What is this junk about me supposing to fear the Lord? He is either my friend or not. I don't fear my friends.

Solo Answers
01-11-2015 12:46:14 PM CST
To Ziggy: Do you attend the Sunday School at the church? That may be more appealing to you and your friends.

01-10-2015 3:06:21 AM CST
Why are some preachers so harsh speaking in their sermons? It comes across to me as if they are yelling at me like I've done something more wrong than they have. Just another reason my friends and I don't go to church anymore.

Solo Answers
01-06-2015 5:49:29 AM CST
To Jake: Repetition is the key to memory. Read it, write it, repeat it. For temporary notes use paper and pencil, for permanent notes use 3x5 or 4x6 index cards. When taking notes only write the things you don\\

01-05-2015 6:42:36 AM CST
I go to church. I listen to the sermon. I want to remember what was said. I can't even remember what the sermon was about after leaving the church most of the time. What's up with that? Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
01-03-2015 1:46:29 AM CST
To Lucas: Indirectly, serving the Lord is self-serving. For in as much as we give to the Lord he returns to us. As he said, you will reap what you sow.

01-01-2015 4:01:39 AM CST
Is your 2015 resolution to live life self-serving, or is it your desire to serve the Lord?

Solo Answers
12-24-2014 11:01:35 AM CST
To Mac: According to the Scriptures Jesus is the Son of God. He is the facilitator of communication between you and God. Before he gave his life as a sacrifice for all mankind, he taught us how to live life and left a written word behind that if learned we may all enjoy happiness of life and the strength to overcome the obstacles preventing happiness.

12-21-2014 9:58:41 PM CST
If Jesus was God, is God and will always be God then who did he pray to?

Solo Answers
12-11-2014 2:43:03 AM CST
To Flip: "Do not cast your pearls before swine", refers to the occasions when a person is sharing the gospel among others and encounters someone who is a known hater of God, religion or spiritual matters, to not try to share the gospel with that person or persons for they may turn on you and cause some injury which could be verbal or otherwise.

12-06-2014 12:16:28 AM CST
What does it mean in the Bible when it says, "do not cast your perils before swine"?

Solo Answers
12-05-2014 5:23:58 AM CST
To Spokes: No, forgiving and forgetting are not the same thing.

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