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05-25-2021 5:39:53 AM CST
To Breezy: Each denomination believes its doctrine is best. It is a matter of interpretation.

05-16-2021 12:52:33 AM CST
Which religious denomination's beliefs follow the scriptures the closest?

Solo Answers
03-09-2021 7:51:50 AM CST
To Clark: The Da Vinci Code is a fictional novel made into a movie, nothing more.

03-01-2021 3:40:10 PM CST
Was the movie "The Da Vinci Code" factual or not?

Solo Answers
02-28-2021 6:44:28 PM CST
To Seven: Only God knows and he's not tellin it.

02-26-2021 6:53:57 PM CST
Preachers have been saying we are living in the end times for hundreds of years now, so when if/will Christ return?

Solo Answers
12-26-2020 10:15:48 AM CST
To Bob: Jesus's death happened exactly the way God intended it. Execution by hanging on a cross was a common practice in those days. The public surrender of his life for all sin will impact the world for eternity.

12-13-2020 2:58:44 AM CST
I understand why Jesus had to die. I don't understand why he had to suffer so severely to die. God said the wages of sin is death but nothing about suffering and demonic cruelty to death.

Solo Answers
12-01-2020 10:36:15 PM CST
To Hank: According to the Bible - Absent from the body, present with the Lord.

11-26-2020 10:28:33 PM CST
When a person dies do they go judgement immediately or lie in wait until some future event?

Solo Answers
11-17-2020 9:31:43 AM CST
To Rascal: There is an intrinsic cost when one trades integrity for corruption. I'd rather have the blessing of answered prayer than the wrath of the Lord for corruption.

11-11-2020 9:16:25 PM CST
Is prayer more powerful than corruption?

Solo Answers
11-03-2020 4:26:55 AM CST
To Chang: I chose to believe and have experienced responses to prayers only known to him. Additionally, millions of people for thousands of years have also had spiritual events that convinced them that Jesus is the God of the Bible.

10-31-2020 12:20:41 PM CST
Do you really believe Jesus is God over all existence?

Solo Answers
10-05-2020 7:34:36 PM CST
To Keto: From a spiritual perspective, I choose to believe every single word of the Holy Bible.

09-20-2020 10:26:17 AM CST
Do you really believe there is a physical Heaven and Hell?

Solo Answers
08-20-2020 1:03:11 PM CST
To Ingus: I would say it is possible but not probable. Only the Lord can say for sure.

06-21-2020 10:34:21 PM CST
Can a person drink, smoke, do drugs, and participate in other social vices and still be a true Christian?

Solo Answers
12-31-2019 6:58:52 PM CST
To Chase: Hell is the eternal separation from God. The Lord is very much present on Planet Earth.

12-13-2019 4:01:10 AM CST
Could Planet Earth be the Hell as described in the Bible?

Solo Answers
11-30-2019 2:23:25 AM CST
If your thoughts, prayers, and soliloquies focus on the Lord as your God and Savior, then all you need to know and do will be presented to you in understandable and undeniable clarity.

11-23-2019 3:14:09 AM CST
I'd like to live the Christian life but it is so complex. How do I distinguish God's voice from my own thoughts? How do I know all the conditions for scripture to hold true?

Solo Answers
09-08-2019 9:21:25 PM CST
To Dianne: It seems all good things eventually die, the Christian faith is no exception along with American freedoms, honor, and respect. My sympathy goes out to the next generation growing up in a communist/socialist America.

08-13-2019 1:47:40 AM CST
Is it true that only the good die young?

Solo Answers
08-02-2019 11:55:01 PM CST
To Honk: Are you walking in his path?

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