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10-17-2013 3:15:31 AM CST
According to John 10:10 Jesus came that we may enjoy life. Why then have so many Christians, including his disciples, died a torturous death?

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10-14-2013 10:35:23 PM CST
To Fanman: To live outside the social norm is the Christian way so it could be said all Christians are eccentric. If your fantasies are really unanswered prayers there is no problem with that. Now on the other hand if we are talking about an evil weirdness and desire then I'll be a prayin for you.

10-14-2013 4:07:51 AM CST
Are the non-harmful eccentricities and fantasies a person has sinful?

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10-14-2013 3:55:26 AM CST
To Francesco: Hardships are the soil on which faith is built. It is during the hardships that we are closest to our savior. If you feel the holy spirit in your life and you trust in it, then it would be hard to call it a placebo. A placebo could not perform the miracles I've seen in my life.

10-13-2013 1:59:54 AM CST
Is it sinful to be doubtful? I prayed the prayer, I've tried to live the life but still the hardships seem to outweigh the blessings. Is the concept of faith just a placebo in my mind?

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10-10-2013 12:53:00 AM CST
To Boing: Satan loves it when people allow themselves to be spoon fed by government or big business, into a life of servitude and poverty. Most of the people that Moses led had a slave mentality and never made it to the promise land. If you want to lead people to the promise land you must be the church; even if you are the only member. Stand strong in your church and soon others will follow. Join with other church people to increase the presence of the Lord among those with no church and no faith.

10-09-2013 2:01:05 AM CST
How do you change the mindset of a person, a society, a nation that has been conditioned for so many years to live life without the Lord?

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10-04-2013 12:48:20 AM CST
To Woody: Anyone can have a personal relationship with Christ no matter how vile, unholy, or even demonic they may be. The do's and don'ts of the Bible serve to identify the principles that will make your life on earth better. You can't fix what you don't know is wrong.

10-02-2013 6:15:11 PM CST
To hear the preachers tell it; there is a long list of things a person can't do and be a person who has a personal relationship with Christ, to be a Christian, to be saved. Is that their opinion or interpretation or is it factual? I never have been able to live up to my own expectations much less those of others.

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10-01-2013 2:37:56 AM CST
To Bubbles: This is where the reality of God can be acknowledged. You have heard the statement "you will reap what you sow, later than you sow, and greater than you sow." This is a fact of life, of nature, of God. Just remember, that gate swings both ways. He will also take from you, more than you can take from others.

09-30-2013 1:27:28 AM CST
What does it mean when people say "You can't out give God"?

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09-27-2013 2:20:30 PM CST
To Luke: Mental and physical detoxification can take some time. The first step is for the person to have a reason to want to change. The threat of Hell works for some and the promise of Heaven works for others. Although Heaven and Hell is a real destination, in the above statement I use the terms figuratively. What will scare them out of their current state or what will excite them to want a change from their current state? Excitement seems to work best (a new love, a new job, a new adventure, or something) This is just a suggestion.

09-27-2013 4:34:04 AM CST
How can I help the person whose has experienced so much mental credulity they have a very low self-esteem and have turned to drugs, alcohol, or some religious cult as a crutch for life. They won't even try to face reality with their own strength. What do you say to a person like that?

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09-22-2013 5:43:02 AM CST
To Bamboo: Your going to have to go deep in Bible understanding to accept this answer. No, there is not a harmless sin, tangible or intangible.

09-21-2013 12:59:56 AM CST
Is there such a thing as a harmless sin; in terms that it has no effect or affect on anyone other than the sinner?

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09-18-2013 6:55:41 AM CST
To Sam: The social engineers of government and business have done a good job in making the almighty dollar more important than the almighty God that facilitates the ability of the people to earn an honest dollar. The harvest of all deeds is coming and I don't think it's going to be pretty. Trust in God as your father of wisdom and he will lead you down the right path of inter peace and contentment.

09-17-2013 3:46:45 AM CST
It appears, by current events, that the further America moves away from God; the further God moves away from America. Is that what parents and families do? It truly distresses me the number of communists now living in America; and they don't even know their communists.

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09-14-2013 1:45:09 AM CST
To Stick: It is a rude person that doesn't give thanks for the kindness of others, including God. Yes, the Lord will forgive sin, but do you know what it takes to be forgiven? Learning about how to have a better life only appeals to those who want one. IF that doesn't interest you then don't listen or learn

09-10-2013 11:48:00 PM CST
IfGod already knows my needs, my sorrows, and my future what is the purpose of prayer? Seems like a waste of time. And if he will forgive every sin why should I be concerned about it? Lieing, cheating and stealing, most everybody does it at some point in their life so why preach to me to be some kind of saint?

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09-03-2013 9:58:19 PM CST
To Dunk: The greatest reward is not life or death but the quieting peace he has offered you in this life; and for eternity after this life, if you will just accept it through faith and trusting in him. To the very core of my existence I believe the Lord is going to take care of me. Do you?

09-03-2013 1:02:30 AM CST
Which is the greatest reward, to die young and be with Jesus, or a long life with all the trials and tribulations?

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09-02-2013 9:12:32 AM CST
To Cheeks: Christian or not everyone has to make choices between good or evil. The source is a matter of belief. The outcome is a matter of faith. Through faith there is a supernatural strength to choose to do the right thing even when it is the most difficult.

08-31-2013 3:29:14 AM CST
An anti-Christian hit me with this statement "Christians don't take responsibility for their own behavior; they blame their bad behavior on the devil. If they do something good they credit God for it as well. So is the individual not responsible for anything that they do, good or bad?" So how do I respond to that statement?

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08-10-2013 12:40:03 AM CST
To Nadean: Do you know how much stress, time, and alienation goes with having the biggest piece of pie? Christians enjoy life; others are never satisfied.

08-09-2013 9:37:58 AM CST
If everything belongs to God why then does he give the biggest piece of pie to the non-Christians? At least it seems that way.

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