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11-06-2016 10:20:26 AM CST
I've read the wisdom and promises of the Bible and don't understand how come they haven't come true for me. Am I doing something wrong?

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11-06-2016 4:12:13 AM CST
To Skully: The Lord created this planet and everything in it. He is all powerful, all knowing, and is all inclusive with everything about this planet. He is the father of all the people and listens to the heart as well as the tongue of all creatures. His ways are not always of human understanding, but be assured, in the end, his will, will be done.

11-02-2016 2:06:51 AM CST
Is the Lord involved in the elections? Does he listen to the prayers of the voters? Why would he allow someone who turns people away from him to be in an administrative position?

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10-04-2016 1:37:00 AM CST
To Angelo: The father of the household is also the father, the savior, and the spirit of his children. In the home, he is the authority and provider, in times of need and despair he is the redeemer and savior, and his teachings reside in the spirit of the children. He is the trinity of his household. God is the trinity of the universe. His benevolence and wisdom are extended to all the households of the world in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

10-03-2016 4:31:38 AM CST
How can God be three, and one at the same time? (known as the trinity)

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09-27-2016 7:05:29 PM CST
To Tongo: Both are correct, it is the context that makes the difference. Most scriptures are not stand-alone statements. It is necessary to read the entire chapter, sometimes the entire book to understand the context in which the statement was made.

09-25-2016 7:45:02 PM CST
Love the world (J3:16) love not the world (1J2:15), so which is it?

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09-22-2016 3:58:25 PM CST
To Zasu: The Lord does not control your mind or thoughts. You always have the right of choice. By continuing to pray your behavior will change. It is called self-discipline.

09-18-2016 3:33:17 PM CST
How come my prayers don't last? I pray for something like no sinful thoughts, or to hold my temper, etc. but, it only lasts for a day or two. What's up with that?

09-18-2016 3:29:59 PM CST
How come my answered prayers don

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09-13-2016 11:01:53 PM CST
To Fishtail: Don't believe everything you see. It could be the daily torment of their ungodly deeds is affecting them in some other way. It is not for me to judge. Sometimes the Lord uses sinful people in profound ways.

09-08-2016 9:26:32 AM CST
The Bible says you will reap what you sow, how come then all the false doctrine preachers hustling people for their money seem to be getting away with it?

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09-06-2016 1:15:33 AM CST
If God said it, I believe it. After all, he created all life.

09-03-2016 3:09:18 AM CST
The story of Noah's ark is not physically possible. How can you believe that story?

08-30-2016 5:27:08 AM CST
Do you really believe the story of Noah putting two of each species of animals on a boat?

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08-29-2016 1:34:19 AM CST
To Tuba: In the Bible, the Lord does not say "if you fast" he says "when you fast".

08-23-2016 11:17:09 PM CST
So what's your take on fasting?

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08-19-2016 5:42:15 AM CST
To Corrina: Sin without consequence only happens in fictional entertainment. Pull the plug on TV, movie, and computer game violence.

08-17-2016 5:40:26 AM CST
As Christians what can we do to help reduce crime?

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08-09-2016 5:17:39 AM CST
God's nature is incomprehensible. Those who live in one spirit with God have nothing to fear. The Godless Pagans may be able to control your environment and even kill your body, but they can never break your spirit life with the Lord. Trust in the Lord and he will spiritually deliver you from the destructions of this world.

08-08-2016 10:27:06 PM CST
If God is so powerful why does he allow Satan's disciples to dominate this world?

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08-08-2016 3:23:06 AM CST
To Cesaro: Satan has many devices to lure one away from the Lord.

08-06-2016 11:18:24 PM CST
Which comes first a person's ambitions or the Lord's will?

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08-04-2016 11:05:13 PM CST
To Buckshot: A friend sent me the answer to your question: "Now Momma, you don't have to go to church to get to heaven!" "Well, you don't have to wear a parachute to jump out of an airplane either, but it certainly helps." LOL!!!

08-04-2016 5:15:58 AM CST
Do I have to go to church to get to Heaven? I like learning about the Lord but I still got some 'street' left in me and don't seem to fit in with the church crowd.

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