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08-23-2018 7:59:50 AM CST
To Hacksaw: Supporting community leaders with true Christian values is a good thing. In fact, if more Christians were to get involved changes could be made to combat the Godless class of lawmakers now in service. People also need to know how the lobbyists operate and support a strong Christian lobby program. However, I do agree that politics should not interfere with Bible study or church operations.

08-21-2018 12:42:45 AM CST
Why do so many preachers cause politics to get in the way of studying the Bible? I imagine a lot more people would go to church if there wasn't so much politics going on.

Solo Answers
07-22-2018 4:27:12 PM CST
To Rowdy: The greatest supernatural event that still exists today is your ability to communicate with the Lord.

07-21-2018 7:03:32 AM CST
I have heard of many supernatural events that occurred during the Bible days how come God doesn't do that kind of thing these days?

Solo Answers
06-25-2018 6:43:26 AM CST
To Mike: We all live in conflict with good and bad thoughts, even the Lord was tempted. He responded with prayer and redirecting his thoughts to the blessings of others.

06-14-2018 2:06:31 AM CST
I don't feel right unless I feel wrong and that's not right. How do you stop the sinful thoughts?

Solo Answers
06-02-2018 11:52:23 PM CST
To Claire: The perfect church to me would be one where the Holy Spirit was conspicuously present in each and all of the people present and the devices of the devil were conspicuously absent.

05-20-2018 11:00:28 AM CST
If you were asked to describe the perfect church for you, what would it have, and not have?

Solo Answers
04-23-2018 12:14:29 PM CST
To Hoss: That's a loaded question that would take more details to respond accurately.

04-21-2018 11:27:08 PM CST
If someone starts a fight is it wrong for me to finish it?

Solo Answers
03-30-2018 11:58:57 AM CST
To Essie: Perhaps he does in an unforeseen way.

03-17-2018 3:45:18 PM CST
The Lord segregates good and evil in the afterlife (Heaven and Hell), why doesn't he do that in this life?

Solo Answers
03-12-2018 3:28:20 AM CST
To Sophie: According to the Bible there are many angels that watch over the faithful Christians. The Bible does not use the term 'guardian' so it would be a matter of interpretation of scripture to ones belief in a singular guardian angel.

03-08-2018 1:05:00 AM CST
Is there such a thing as a guardian angel?

Solo Answers
01-21-2018 9:19:28 PM CST
To Hank: Try this: Speak the Lord's name in conversation and prayer 10 times a day.

01-18-2018 1:47:04 PM CST
What does it take to have a revival with the Lord? I used to sense his presence very near, not so much anymore.

Solo Answers
12-23-2017 4:19:19 AM CST
To Genna: It is what you truly believe in your heart that will determine the outcome.

12-18-2017 8:47:38 PM CST
There are many unconditional promises in the Bible. I am having difficulty distinguishing the audience specific ones from the universal ones. Any suggestions?

Solo Answers
12-06-2017 2:03:20 AM CST
To Boris: I agree. Being passive is not serving the Lord.

11-28-2017 10:27:28 PM CST
If Christianity is so great why then are the supposed Christians so passive as their religious freedoms are taken away more and more? If they became more vocal and active things would change.

Solo Answers
11-20-2017 9:19:08 PM CST
To Tug: Spiritual forgiveness occurs when you pray for sanctification. Physical forgiveness is when the courtroom judge lets you off for a crime you committed. The Lord will forgive you spiritually, but the consequences remain; however, the Lord can and sometimes will intervene in the outcome of a consequence.

11-18-2017 7:12:01 AM CST
Is spiritual forgiveness and physical forgiveness the same thing?

Solo Answers
10-26-2017 12:02:57 AM CST
To Hildamay: The Lords favor is with those who do what they can.

10-22-2017 2:22:31 AM CST
Will God guide, protect, and bless people that don't work or do anything?

Solo Answers
10-14-2017 4:02:30 AM CST
To Carson: You will have no peace until your way is God's way.

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