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06-03-2013 9:23:50 PM CST
Is it possible for a true sociopath to be a Christian?

Solo Answers
05-31-2013 10:20:57 PM CST
To Skinner: I didn't say that at all. Man has passed laws that are against the laws of God but it does not change his laws and principles.

05-29-2013 6:59:35 AM CST
So your saying that it is not a sin if a person lies, cheats, steals, lames, murders, and destroys as long as it has the flag wrapped around it, as the motive.

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05-27-2013 8:44:12 AM CST
To Wishbone and Hotwire: Every wrong doing or sin begins with a thought. As the Bible states, evil thoughts are as much a sin as the action. The lack of self control is a weakness of the man and not a sin. What you do may define who you are among people who don't understand the origin of the action. Right or wrong, as I understand it, is based on the motive. A sinful action can be forgiven, however, forgiveness doesn't eliminate the consequence of it. God's justice is exact and superior to all others.

05-25-2013 3:08:51 AM CST
To Wishbone: Yeah, that does sound a little crazy. It's like if a man kills someone with a gun you should hate the gun not the man.

05-25-2013 2:56:13 AM CST
If what you do defines who you are; how then can you hate the sin and not the sinner?

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05-06-2013 9:06:32 PM CST
To Rocket: I followed that path. As a young man I tried to make more investment purchases (items that appreciate in value) than consumer purchases (items that depreciate in value); one job to live on and the other for investment. There is however a potential downside. Foregoing life today in attempt for an easy life tomorrow can backfire on you. As in my case all it took was a couple of horrific perjuries by a few jealous relatives, about me to a court to destroy my retirement plan. What may be a better path is to find that skill you enjoy, innovate and enjoy pursuing it. If you do that you will never work a day in your life. For it is only work if there is something else you would rather be doing. What would you do for free? That is probably what you should pursue as a career. Avarice people are not happy people.

05-06-2013 8:06:03 PM CST
Is it wrong to approach life working laboriously (2 jobs) for many years to reach the goal of having my money work for me rather than me working for my money?

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05-06-2013 7:54:35 PM CST
To Ahab: What man has done by inciting war; God has historically accomplished through nature. God's justice is blind to political boundaries but rather to what lies in the heart of the people. This is held true from the micro level to the macro level of mankind. People will reap what they sow be it peace or war, good or evil.

05-06-2013 11:07:27 AM CST
What's your take on the concept of war?

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05-06-2013 11:03:44 AM CST
To Tiffany: Christian Kindness is a lifestyle not a performance or a convenience.

05-05-2013 11:00:17 PM CST
Do you look for opportunities to perform acts of kindness or just wait until it's convenient?

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04-27-2013 9:46:20 PM CST
To Anton: We may not always understand the challenges God places before us in our lives but be assured that his wisdom and will is not to restrict but to promote a closer walk with him that will lead to an abundance of blessings and peace. May God's strength be with you always.

04-19-2013 11:43:55 PM CST
Is an unmarried Christian male supposed to live his life as a eunuch?

Solo Answers
04-18-2013 1:07:52 AM CST
To Juliette: To say a Christian is depressed is somewhat of an oxymoron. For to be a Christian a person must have faith in Christ which will bring peace and comfort, no matter what the event.

04-16-2013 4:23:42 AM CST
Why are so many Christians depressed and how can I and/or the church help them?

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04-08-2013 8:17:41 AM CST
To Martini: The reasons are many; the cause is one. They don't completely and unconditionally trust in God.

04-08-2013 6:01:22 AM CST
Why are there so many angry Christians?

Solo Answers
04-03-2013 10:34:05 PM CST
To Rocketman: It depends on how you get it, why you get it and what you do with it when you get it. If its all good, go for it.

04-03-2013 4:39:03 AM CST
Is it wrong to want it all - brains, brawn, beauty, and bucks?

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04-01-2013 6:51:38 AM CST
To Gabrielle: Everyday brings us one day closer to Christ's return. No one knows when that day will be. My only concern is if the world is ready for his return. Our mission in life is help others be prepared by knowing him. Are you doing your part? Are you spreading his message?

03-31-2013 10:45:01 AM CST
Do you see the chaos, mayhem and lack of moral leadership around the world as a sign of the end times for planet earth? It sure seems that way to me.

Solo Answers
03-29-2013 3:40:14 AM CST
To Bepbep: For me praying is just like talking to a friend, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, any reason. And just like a real close friend you have to have common interests, be in sync with each other, enjoy each others company, learn about each other, get to know eah other as well as you know yourself. The Lord is my friend and will be yours if you will do your part. Be thankful and communicate.

03-28-2013 8:40:04 AM CST
When, where, why and how is the best way to pray?

Solo Answers
03-27-2013 8:38:55 PM CST
To Daniele: Many say Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. Personally, I think Jesus was the wisest man who ever lived, is living, and will ever live; but that's just my opinion.

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