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03-27-2011 11:19:15 AM CST
Is it unreasonable to believe that God may have created more than one planet of life? Do you believe visitors from another planet have visited earth? If it is true, would Jesus also be their Saviour?

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03-25-2011 11:10:47 PM CST
To Candy: While we may not want to sin after experiencing salvation, we are still human and as humans we will make mistakes, do mindless things, have moments of weakness, and do things out of a lack of faith. However, as our faith grows, we become more founded in the spirit of Christ and will try harder to live a sinless life. To love God is to emulate the life of Christ.

03-24-2011 1:25:50 AM CST
Once a person is "saved", do they continue to sin? why?

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03-20-2011 3:54:31 PM CST
To Soda: The calendar we observe was created by man not God so the 7th day of the week for you can be any day of the week that you observe as the Sabbath. The same is also true with holidays. No one really knows what day Christ was born so a day was chosen by man, not God. For more interesting facts google - April Fools day. Oh yeah, don't quit your job until God promotes you to another.

03-20-2011 5:01:23 AM CST
My job requires me to work on Sunday and holidays; am I going to hell for that? Should I quit my job?

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03-11-2011 1:52:37 AM CST
To Fito: Your statement borders on the concept of the unforgivable sin. Why would evil cast out evil. No, man's sinful nature is not God's image. The power of choice is. God is sovereign over all the heavens, and hell, but he gives you the choice.

03-10-2011 2:00:01 AM CST
If God made man in his own image, did he also make man's sinful nature in his own image?

Solo Answers
03-08-2011 3:43:07 AM CST
To Corner Girl: Miracles happen every day. Man may control your physical being but only you control your thoughts. If you have the Holy Spirit that comes with your prayer for Salvation, what you ask in Christ's name will be given to you. The power of the Lord in you is far greater than that of Satan. Keep the faith and things will change.

Corner Girl
03-07-2011 4:58:03 AM CST
I have prayed for God to take me away from this street-corner life, but the pull of Satan seems to great. I need a miracle. There are hard-hitting overseers that make it hard for me to change.

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03-07-2011 1:58:08 AM CST
To ZigZag: I don't know what kind of buzz you are talking about however the fact that you are asking the question implies you have some guilt feelings about it. If so, then I would suggest it is wrong for you. If not, pray about it. Doctors prescribe mind-altering drugs everyday and most people don't consider it to be sinful or wrong. You decide.

03-06-2011 1:19:57 AM CST
I feel more spiritually enhanced when I cop a buzz. So what's wrong with that?

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03-04-2011 2:56:11 AM CST
To Kwan: There are two schools of thought on the unforgivable sin. Some believe that you would have to have lived in the day of Christ to commit the unforgivable sin. Others believe you can still commit the unforgivable sin. The unforgivable sin as described in the Bible is to declare that the holy spirit of Christ was/is demonic and the blessings of the Holy Spirit are born of Satan not God. Furthermore, the declaration must come from someone who has experienced or witnessed the undeniable blessings of God's Holy Spirit. Some people believe that once salvation from sin is received that it is eternal. Others believe salvation can be lost if one permanently turns away from God. It is only at your death will the answer will be truly known.

03-02-2011 3:16:05 AM CST
What is the unforgivable sin? Is there more than one unforgivable sin?

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03-02-2011 1:29:07 AM CST
To Elmyr: If it were not for Christ and the Bible no one would know how to love. Read your Bible. There is a chapter in the new testament that defines love very well.

03-01-2011 6:19:36 AM CST
What is love? How do you love? My parents never showed it, taught it, shared it, or discussed it with me when I was growing up. Now I'm grown and say, "I don't know how to love".

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02-28-2011 2:37:54 AM CST
To Tank: Pagans spend their lives pursuing the false idles of money and possessions, while dedicated Christians spend their lives pursuing the blessings of Christ and Christian values. Money and possessions do not satisfy that is why they always want more. The Holy Spirit of Christ is satisfying and brings a peace and happiness the pagans will never know.

02-26-2011 3:45:19 PM CST
Why is it the Pagans get the big houses, nice cars and the pampered life and the Christians get the crumbs?

Solo Answers
02-08-2011 3:21:51 AM CST
To Axle: The peace and joy is in knowing God loves you regardless of how many times you fail. There are very few "Hell Fire", "Turn or Burn" preachers left. Most want to teach you how to have a better life through the teachings of Christ. At Church you may also find a support buddy, and even a pretty girl if your looking.

02-05-2011 1:06:10 PM CST
I think a lot of people quit trying to live the Christian life because they feel like such failures at it. It is very depressing to attempt to do something and know you are failing miserably at it day after day. And going to church means learning about how much more is wrong with you. Where is the peace and joy in that?

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01-20-2011 9:36:52 PM CST
To Rox: All of the commandments and other instructions provided in the Bible are set fourth for the protection and social order of God's people. The Commandment of "Thou shall not kill/murder" was, has, and will be broken many times but not without consequence. In self defense to kill is not to murder but to preserve life. Sometimes the Lord will take the life of one to save many. The stories of the Bible help us to understand what is acceptable and unacceptable in the eyes of God.

01-20-2011 3:58:39 PM CST
If people lead, leaders will follow (Gandhi)

01-20-2011 12:13:03 PM CST
If the Lord wants everybody to worship and follow him why then does he allow corrupt people to be placed in leadership positions such as Judges, Congressmen, even Presidents that young people should want to aspire to be like?

01-17-2011 11:13:54 PM CST
The 10 commandments teach us "Thou shall not kill" but then in other chapters of the Bible Killing is described in great detail and appears to be condoned By God. I don't understand can you help?

Solo Answers
01-17-2011 11:02:59 PM CST
To Hank: The Bible states that if you had the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains. So when you meet a faith healer that has moved a mountain then I would think they are for real, provided of course, that it is God's will that the person be healed. If you ever do meet that mountain mover please, please tell me who and where, cause I want to see that.

01-14-2011 7:58:28 PM CST
Are faith healers for real?

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