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02-19-2013 5:13:13 AM CST
To Snuggles: When you find inter-peace you will find happiness. To find inter-peace draw closer to the Lord. When you draw closer to the Lord he will lead your way to true happiness. Follow the Lord for true happiness.

02-19-2013 5:09:34 AM CST
How do you find true happines?

Solo Answers
02-17-2013 12:27:54 AM CST
To Franz: I know of many Christians that have peace in their world. If you are speaking of the physical world; God offered it but the people turned it down. When Christ comes again there will be peace on earth once again. Every new day brings us one day closer.

02-15-2013 7:43:03 PM CST
Why aren't the biblical prayers of over a billion people throughout history being answered? The prayer for world peace has been prayed since the beginning of time.

Solo Answers
02-12-2013 9:48:33 PM CST
To Sully: Does it really matter as long as they are presenting the material in truth? It could be a farse to challenge the students' faith.

02-12-2013 1:29:44 PM CST
I heard tell from several ministry students that the professors teaching the classes in the seminary colleges don't even believe what they are teaching. Have you got any comments about that?

Solo Answers
02-11-2013 3:26:00 AM CST
To Maggie: I am a unified system of living components made up of energy cells producing an energy and spiritual force and a part of a greater unified system of components all the way up to the God head of all existence. My function is to contribute to the continuation and advancement of my species and the systems in which I exist, in both physical and spiritual matters. In other words, I am a human part of nature in which God is the boss. I am suppose to contribute, protect, and serve to advance God's environment.

02-10-2013 11:32:52 PM CST
Can you answer the age old question "Who is the you" in you? Who are you?

Solo Answers
02-04-2013 9:46:07 AM CST
To Boris: The word "bored" only belongs to lazy people.

02-04-2013 9:44:04 AM CST
The Christian life seems boring to me. You work, eat, sleep and do it again tomorrow. Once a year you get a week off they call vacation usually spent at home doing things you don't want to do. Where's the fun and excitement? Where's the adventure?

Solo Answers
02-01-2013 10:42:16 PM CST
To Dante: God did create a perfect world, it was man that screwed it up. God gave man the ability of choice, to do good or bad, no regrets, just pleasure or penality.

02-01-2013 6:24:47 AM CST
Would a God of perfection have regrets? Why wouldn't a perfect God create a perfect world?

Solo Answers
01-29-2013 5:12:08 PM CST
To Neno: If you will trust in the Lord he will help you to find a new life, a better life, a rewarding life, a joyous life worth living. As long as Christ is with you, you will never walk alone.

01-29-2013 5:09:19 AM CST
Since I became a Christian most of my friends have stopped associating with me. I feel very alone most of the time. Even in a crowd I don't seem to fit in. Is this the way of the Christians who have no family?

Solo Answers
01-28-2013 2:43:42 AM CST
To Luigi: Because it's not about you. As a Christian you surrendered your life to Christ so the Holy Spirit came to live and thrive in you. Through your body God's Holy Spirit can minister to the world you live in. If your body is dead it can't. Don't break the vessel that belongs to God, but rather cherish that which has been given to you. Be a good steward.

01-28-2013 2:29:51 AM CST
Getting old sucks. I would trade my life on earth for an eternity in Heaven any day. Why do Christians who believe in Heaven try so hard to avoid it? They go to doctors, take medicine and jump through all kinds of hoops just to live on this earth as long as they can. Not me, I'm ready to go. Why would I want to stay here if Heaven is so much better?

Solo Answers
01-26-2013 6:12:46 PM CST
To Electra: There is a verse in the Bible that starts out "I stand at the door and knock...";find that verse and you will find your answer.

01-24-2013 4:35:46 AM CST
The whole concept of God is about supernatural power available to his people. How do I tap into that power to get some things done that he promises in the Bible?

Solo Answers
01-22-2013 10:26:28 PM CST
To Curly Mae: It is up to each individual to decide who to believe and what to believe. As for me and my house; we will follow the Lord and his Bible. My believe is that if the Bible was not the word of God it would have disappeared centuries ago. Also it has proved itself to be accurate many times over.

Curly Mae
01-22-2013 10:04:48 PM CST
Is your response to say that the Bible can not be trusted as the word of God?

Solo Answers
01-22-2013 7:28:49 PM CST
To Curly Mae: My suggestion is to find a different preacher or a different Bible to study. Perhaps a parallel Bible would give you a better understanding. Language is always changing and meanings change as well. The newer Bible are written in today's language with today's meanings. The Message Bible is a cool Christian Bible. One thing you should know is the original autographs (writings) do not exist. The scribes that wrote the oldest texts available made mistakes as evidenced by the sidebar notes on the texts.

Curly Mae
01-20-2013 11:04:04 PM CST
The Preacherman is always tellin me the words in the Bible don't mean what they say. Why didn't God write the Bible to say what it means and means what is says? Did God not guide the hand of the translators of his word? Is there a Bible out there that can be taken at face value? This is a real problem for the children.

Solo Answers
01-20-2013 4:54:57 AM CST
To Zabu: Most people will not remember what you say but they will learn from what you show them. By giving life to the spirit of Christ and allowing that spirit to flow freely through you, yourlife will be doing more for Christ than you will ever know.

01-18-2013 9:08:11 PM CST
Not, what can I give to God, but what can I do for God?

Solo Answers
01-17-2013 8:03:00 AM CST
To Kite: Studies indicate that young people are not only leaving the church but all types of organizations including political affiliations, civic groups or any gathering that has rules and regulations. They see liberty and independence as a "no rules" lifestyle. The leaders and role models support this mindset with their corruption imposed on them. For a small group of individuals (the power brokers) to get their way they must dismantle any collective voice of the people on the issues. The spiritually strong are the hardest opponents for the corrupt.

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