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07-30-2016 2:34:15 AM CST
To Winky: The fact that you are here is a miracle. The Bible is a miracle book. The Holy Spirit that resides within you is a miracle. The resurrection of Christ for the salvation of mankind is also a miracle. If you can't see the miracles of life be assured the fault is in yourself.

07-29-2016 1:41:19 AM CST
If God does miracles for others why won't he do one for me?

Solo Answers
07-13-2016 4:20:51 AM CST
To JT: When the relentless torment of a person's wrong doings become so overwhelming they seek a way out, and turn to Christ as their savior and the Lord over their life through prayer to save them from their sinful ways, that is called being saved.

07-03-2016 9:14:48 PM CST
I have heard people say they have been "saved", what does that mean?

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07-01-2016 12:07:33 AM CST
To Andrew: "Poor in Spirit" means coming to Christ without any preconceived notions, ideas, teachings, or other misguided thoughts.

06-26-2016 11:32:26 PM CST
What does it mean to be poor in spirit?

Solo Answers
06-20-2016 2:27:46 AM CST
If you read the Bible you will know God's will. The objective of this website is to transfer that knowledge in an easy way to understand. If you are intelligent enough you will know that the principles of the Bible are the best guide to a good life ever written. Praying to me is a fancy word for talking to the Lord about all sorts of stuff. If you don't communicate with him he'll get real distant just like any other friend you alineate. God doesn't offer any silver platters so if you want something better ask for it.

06-19-2016 5:14:40 AM CST
The Bible says whatever I pray in God's will, will be answered. Does that mean it's a guessing game to know what to pray? How am I supposed to know what God's will is, and if it is God's will won't it be done whether I pray about it or not?

Solo Answers
05-10-2016 10:38:36 AM CST
To Stang: Ceremony, for the most part, is a form of social engineering and control to promote honor and respect. It is not a necessity to communicate with the Lord, ever.

05-04-2016 3:45:29 AM CST
Is the Lord so staunch in his holiness that he cannot be approached without some ceremonious conditions? Does he not hear and listen when I speak to him as I would a friend?

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05-04-2016 3:29:55 AM CST
To Toro: The term rapture is used to describe a series of spiritual events that will occur in the last days as recorded in the book of Revelations in the Bible.

05-02-2016 6:48:34 AM CST
What about this rapture thing? I can't find it in the Bible.

Solo Answers
04-18-2016 6:54:44 PM CST
To Peppy: To love and be loved makes life enjoyable, to be able to make the ones you love happy makes you happy, spending time with the ones you love is fun; to answer your question, yes, he was happy, yes, he did enjoy his life and yes, he had fun doing it.

04-07-2016 12:30:35 AM CST
Did Jesus enjoy his life? Did he have fun? Was he happy?

Solo Answers
04-01-2016 1:32:42 AM CST
To Banjo: The Bible is a book of great wisdom. By believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ you will experience a life of more peace, love and understanding than anything else you can do. Your life will have meaning beyond your years, for after you transcend into a heavenly spirit those whom you have left behind will continue to be influenced by the Christ in you to also have a stronger, longer, peaceful and everlasting life. The resurrection is the threshold to salvation and sharing it is the greatest gift you can offer to others. It is Satan's greatest defeat.

03-31-2016 1:35:09 AM CST
I have no problem believing that God created the heavens and earth. I can even believe in Jonah being swallowed by a whale; so why is it I have such a problem with believing the story of resurrection?

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03-20-2016 6:48:33 AM CST
To KT: Often times the person that complains and cries the loudest about an issue is the most guilty.

03-17-2016 8:55:21 AM CST
Why is it that so many preachers talk to their congregations like they are a disobedient child? It is as if the sins they commit are different than the ones of the church members.

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03-03-2016 6:00:45 AM CST
To Tara: For Centuries a multitude of people have prayed for World peace, moral leaders, the return of Christ and more, even though they prayed in sincerity, those prayers have gone unanswered.

02-24-2016 5:09:14 AM CST
Does repeating the same prayer over and over, day after day do any good? Does it make a difference if a prayer request is made only once or multiple times? What about the number of people praying the same prayer?

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02-08-2016 4:02:52 AM CST
To Tipps: To have a personal relationship with the Lord is easy. In this life there will be hurt, pain, and suffering, but don't blame it on the Lord, but rather, thank him for the peace he offers to your spirit. That is his promise.

Solo Answers
02-08-2016 3:58:33 AM CST
To Tipps: To have a personal relationship with the Lord is easy. In this life there will be hurt, pain and suffering, but don

02-06-2016 1:53:56 AM CST
I've heard it said both ways, that being a Christian is easy and hard, so which is it?

Solo Answers
01-31-2016 7:58:48 AM CST
To Dooley: Repetition is the key to memory. The more you study the Bible the more you will remember. The more you remember the more you will do. It takes daily preparation to stay in the spirit.

01-28-2016 1:08:19 AM CST
As humans, we must live among the secular world or retreat to obscurity. How can one serve the Lord, live in a fallen land, and remain pure in spirit?

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