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11-17-2012 4:41:29 AM CST
To Wrangler: Sounds like you are suffering the misery like the quasi-demigods of government. There is nothing hard about loving God. If you were not so spiritually blind you would see his love all around you. You cannot force anyone to love you nor will God. The choice is yours. Yes, many people are spiritually bankrupt these days and soon they will be brought to their knees praying for God's relief.

11-15-2012 8:02:43 PM CST
If God wants everybody to love him why does he make it so hard? If I love someone I will do everything I can to get that person to also love me. Why doesn't God also try to get people to love him? More and more people are turning their backs on God and he doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. So where's the love?

Solo Answers
11-12-2012 11:03:21 PM CST
To Bullwinkle: If EVERY person born was homosexual how long would it take before the human race would be gone? Men can't get men pregnant and women can't get women pregnant. This would be a sin according to the Bible.

11-12-2012 10:58:34 PM CST
I'm not sure I understand your answer. What would be wrong if every person born was homosexual?

Solo Answers
11-12-2012 8:31:01 AM CST
To Bullwinkle: To determine if any issue is a sin or not is quite easy. All one has to do is ask and answer the question - What if EVERY human born was that way? The same is true for abortion. What if every woman who got pregnant had an abortion? Would that serve God's purpose for mankind? As stated on the front page of this website we do not condemn anyone for anything they may have done or currently doing. We just want to promote personal prayerful relationships with God through Christ. All humans have issues and through prayer and the revelation of God's word each person will know their personal sins and hopefully seek repentance.

11-12-2012 7:57:59 AM CST
Okay Solo, so what's your take on the Gay Christian issue? I was reading the Heartland Proclamation and it states there is no reference in the Bible against it. Are you an exclusionist or tolerating Christian?

Solo Answers
11-06-2012 11:28:44 PM CST
To Bebee: He was a backstreet philosopher that Alexander the Great revered more than his own staff.

11-05-2012 2:20:36 PM CST
Who was Diogenes of Sinope?

Solo Answers
11-04-2012 4:41:42 AM CST
To Road Horse: You should be glad you're not perfect. If you always did the right thing, you would probably get that "Greater than thou" attitude that people dislike. Somewhere in the Bible it states we should be assertive but humble.

Road Horse
11-03-2012 3:01:15 AM CST
To always do the right thing, this has been my prayer, my unanswered prayer, why?

Solo Answers
11-02-2012 9:15:57 AM CST
To Buzzy: The Socialists seem to think so. I do support having a safety net for when a person temporarily falls on hard times or has a verifiable disability. I do not support welfare programs that compete with employment wages.

10-29-2012 9:05:43 AM CST
Should the self-controlled working people have to support the reckless ignorant lazy bums of the world?

Solo Answers
10-27-2012 3:28:40 AM CST
To Big Mac: When you have sex without loving, it is called pornographic sex. The Lord considers this type of sex a sin. As you know, the wages of sin is death. No, your not going to fall over dead but the ability to make love in a sexual manner with the one you do love, now or in the future, will die. Is this what you want? Loving without sexual intimacy is something you should do with all God's children.

Big Mac
10-25-2012 7:53:18 AM CST
Why do people think that sex and love cannot be separated? I can have sex without loving and I can love without having sex.

Solo Answers
10-21-2012 1:00:22 AM CST
To Zane: The advancement of civilization through technology is surely from God. Just as it is in nature there are those who will abuse and even attempt to destroy the good which God has made.

10-20-2012 1:15:14 AM CST
Is the Internet a gift from God or a curse of the Devil?

Solo Answers
10-19-2012 7:50:50 AM CST
To Jif: Parables are much like the Proverbs we use to guide us in our decision making process.They can be applied in many different circumstances. Parables are easy to remember. The meanings are a gift from God. Without a knowledge of God's wisdom and word they are meaningless.

10-18-2012 12:08:07 AM CST
Why did Jesus speak in Parables, why not just tell like it is?

Solo Answers
10-12-2012 8:57:42 AM CST
To Gunner: If God said it, don't expect to change it. God is the creator of justice; what seems fair is not always justice in God's eye.

10-12-2012 8:53:07 AM CST
In the Bible God says the sins of the wicked will curse the next four generations of family. That doesn't seem fair to me, that a child would have to pay for the sins of the parent, grandparent, even great grandparent. Is there some way to break that curse?

Solo Answers
10-11-2012 2:26:32 AM CST
To Slick: Lying, cheating and stealing is the character of a weak, insecure, childish, loser and God doesn't like it.

10-07-2012 4:59:29 PM CST
Do you think a person can knowingly sell a substandard product or service, or cheat an employer and still be a sincere Christian?

Solo Answers
10-07-2012 8:30:07 AM CST
To Draco: The closer to the Bible the Preacher and the Church stays the more sincere it will be. The life of the Preacher and the Church speaks louder than any words or advertisements. Is the message about the Preacher, the Church, the need for money, or is it about the word of God? Does the Church want your participation or your money? Does the Preacher practice what is being preacher or are they a clothes horse with all the expensive accessories of life? They want you to give till it hurts but personally they don't. Does the Preacher use the word "I" excessively or "I think" or "God told me to tell you..."? These and other operative words and phrases should send up a flag to your attention. Most important is when you pray about it, what is God's response to you. The Lord does respond to prayer.

10-06-2012 5:58:19 AM CST
How can I tell the difference between a false Christian church or preacher, and a sincere one?

Solo Answers
10-03-2012 8:42:21 AM CST
To Trip: There are volumes of answers to that question; here are three main reasons. God's existence and power is so vast it is impossible to wrap your mind around it. To bring it into a more understandable perspective he brought it down to a human level in Christ. Second, from the beginning of time the cost of sin was death and separation from God but through the sacrifice of Christ all sins of mankind could be forgiven. Christ was and is the benchmark of perfection for humans and the example of a Godly life we should all aspire to attain. So in short, through Jesus we can see the heart of God, a salvation from our sins, and a leader to be followed.

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