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***With the Lord in your first thoughts, blessings will be in your last thoughts.***



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'A Stronger Longer Journey.'

A Plan to Make You Stronger Longer,

Mentally Tough and Personally Blessed.


Please feel free to Stare, Point, Whisper and
ask Questions.

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Departments within the Cool Christians Club:
(unlike the traditional Sunday School classes)

Messengers Road Riders                                       CrossSlave Dirt Riders

forTravelers,Truckers,Transients            forBikers,Brawlers,Bad boys

GodWorkers VC                                                      SouthernCross VC

for Doctors,Lawyers,IndianChiefs       forBigJohns,RedNecks, Roadkill

God'sBoy MC                                                         GodSpeed Hot Rods

forBigBikers,Breakers,Bums       forMotorheads,speedfreaks,&pitcrews

GodHead Group                                                    GoodGodGirls Club

forBeatNiks,Hippies,Gurus                    for Broads,Beautys&Babes

BrokenCrossClub                                                 ProverbParlorG&G

forBummerhands,Shanked,orChallenged       forThinkers,Writers,Poets

GodSonStudents                                                   God'sHands-Handup

forHeadbangers,Streakers,Reapers                forGivers,Getters,Gaiters

God'sDoneGooders                                              God'sDoGooders

forOldFolks,Farts,Fakers                 forPreachers,Teachers,Reachers


Christ had no bricks and mortar building from where he taught, nor do we. He never had great wealth, a mansion to live in, or a jet pack camel to ride on, nor do we. He spent his time, efforts, and resources on spreading the gospel, so do we.  If those things were important or would have served to further his cause, surely God would have provided them.  Join with the cool, special folks, trying to do the right thing, with God's Boy, Jesus, as the example.

Our approach may be unconventional but the goal is the same as any Evangelistic effort.  

If you fall down or backslide a lot, it's OK, that's why we're here.   No matter, however many times it takes, to pick you up, calm you down, and make you stronger longer, the spirit is here for you.  Our goal is to reach the people who just don't get it;  we don't condemn anyone for anything they may do, or have done in the past. 

If you do not have a Bible we will send you one at no cost. More information about that is available in the Tabs.  We are only here to help if we can.  Find your bridge over troubled water with Christ.

Do You Want to Be Stronger, Longer?

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    This website is about helping others; not about making money, however, If our effort has any value to you and you would like to make a small gift to this ministry we will not turn it down. Any contribution from you is greatly appreciated. 

You think your tough, try standing up for God, in a crowd when no one else will.  Now, that's being strong.  Here, chick, chick, chicken!!!


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  Friends don't let Friends, Go To Hell

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